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August 26, 2004

Arrest warrant issued for Rupert Murdoch. Don't get your hopes up, though.
Curious George Are you going to burning man? more inside
Hot Sauce for kids? Lisa Whelchel, who played Blair on the popular 1980s TV series Facts of Life, is an advocate and practitioner of "hot saucing." Whelchel, the author of Creative Correction: Extraordinary Ideas for Everyday Discipline, says the practice worked for her children when other disciplinary actions did not. more inside
Dildo! Fun little video for Dildo! done to the tune of Ren & Stimpy's Log! Stay for the outtakes...
Isn't it wonderful that we live in a world with such a diversity of tastes in things like, oh, I don't know.... let's say, weddings. Specifically, let us pause to appreciate Squishy's Gal's wedding. More specifically, her train and cake. Oh. My. God.
The God Game Answer 15 short questions and see if your beliefs hold water or if contradictions arise. more inside
Curious George: I'm in pop up hell! I've updated my Ad-Aware and Spybot, I've got Zone Alarm installed, but I've again started getting popups. It began again about a week ago and don't know what I have to do about it. Please don't tell me I have to do a fresh install.
Snorriā€™s Hot Tub, Reykholt, Iceland.
Article from Le Monde Diplomatique English edition about the pitfalls of cartography. ...cartography is more than the tracing of borders. It is also a picture of the relations between people and territory. Maps enable us to comprehend at a glance how territory is organised and occupied, and the extent and consequences of conflicts.
Thank goodness someone's looking to protect Central Park by banning the protest rally against George Bush. It's not political, mind you-it's about the grass-hah!
Curious George: How do I work my new shades? This is terriby silly. My monkey-mind cannot figure out how to work something very simple -- my new shades. Can anyone tell me the name of these shades, or better yet, how to reliably roll them up and down? more inside
Come on down! Hilarious Bloopers [RealMedia], noteworthy contestants, and some curious still clips from that icon of game shows, The Price is Right.
The Dub Selector
Slow loading but lots of fun. Check the menu in the lower left to explore.
A comic depicting a debate show of the far right From the right, I'm Pat Buchanan! And from the right of him, I'm Jerry Falwell! Welcome to the debate show of the far right: Cross Afire! more inside

August 25, 2004

The Annotated Lyrics of the Grateful Dead. more inside
Savage Love is running a column this week on guys' misconceptions about sex when they were kids. They range from the innocent to the bizarre. Next week, we get the female perspective on the same topic. more inside
Everyone do the Lyndie! Alright, monkeys, let's see some good ones! via memepool
A Night Monkey in the House. A charming little essay from 1886 (newly exhumed from the Harper's Magazine archives) about living with a pet monkey. (Actually, kinkajous aren't really monkeys, they're more closely related to raccoons. But they have prehensile tails, they like bananas, and they look very cute.)
Film Title Screens. There is an art to it. It has its masters, its pioneers. It is an art form deserving of our recognition. With discussions rivaling those of "Who was the better James Bond?" more inside
Stop wasting time folding shirts the normal way! How to Fold a Shirt shows you the latest techniques and tricks to fold t-shirts, sweaters, dress shirts and more; the RIGHT way!
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