August 16, 2004

curious george: customy goodness? can we make our user pages pretty? or aren't we allowed?

was poking around on metafilter and noticed that some monkeys over there have done things like this, rather than the standard user page. so i tried it out myself. i was wondering if something similar would work here but didn't want to incur the wrath of tracicle... so, can i do it? will it work? (or will it just get me banned for a month?)

  • Gyan's page is extremely swanky!
  • How was that done? Is there some neat little "customize your page" widget in there, or does matt allow you to use your own css?
  • no, it's stylesheets. done by dropping in a "style" tag that re-imports the regular stylesheet, then adds some custom things to override it. fr'example, gyan overrides everything. i just imported a couple of modified images to change things slightly, for a less obvious effect. this is all dropped into the "describe yourself" box, as you can see by viewing source on either of the two pages linked above... so, anyone try this here yet?
  • I've tinkered with that page umpteen times and I am still not satisfied. When I get a color right, I can't get the right font style and weight. Ultimately, I'll telescope in.
  • I honestly don't know if it'll work here. I doubt it, since the metaphilter engine has an approved list of user-HTML. Try it and let me know. :)
  • hum.. seems to encode the brackets < and > as & l t ;, etc. so the code won't work. darn approved html only... oh well, at least i know i had permission to try mucking with it. thanks, monkeybashi! :)
  • although < span > works. interesting...
  • Mini Curious George: What stylesheet is everyone using? Jus' out of interest.
  • Yellow. 'Tis the shiz. I like the overall look of Monkeypedia, but it needs tidying. I may have to do a bit of tinkering, if I ever get some free time, see if I can come up with something.
  • Definitely Yellow.
  • Yellow. Only change I would like to see in the yellow is trying to differentiate the black from the dark brown, further. But, really no big deal. It still looks very nice.
  • Yellow here...
  • mct: #2 worked on Monkeypedia a couple of nights ago - is it better now? I'm so the yellow. Not sure about the separating the brown and black though, since they're nice and clear now but lightening the brown might make it less readable against that creamy background. I doubt I'll ever bother making it possible to sneak stylesheets into profile pages, for those that might want to, so, er, sorry it didn't work.
  • Ooh, yeah, much better. The sidebar overlaps a bit on the left edge in IE, but soooooooo much more readable. Thank #2 for me!
  • is there a way to highlight already clicked links? or is it my browser?
  • It already does that on mine...