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August 21, 2004

Monkeys monkey monkey monkey monkey
Here we go again. I'm so sick of the UN always warning us about impending wars. When was the last time Hutus and Tutsis ever clashed with each other?
Curious George iPod alternatives: Anyone have a non-iPod mp3 player, or use non-iTunes software on their iPod? I need my music to stay organized into folders, and iTunes doesn't like that. (More inside) more inside
Unusual "Reporting". Within Indian media, the Times of India is considered one of the most respectable publications. Hence, it is pretty surprising for them to have printed such a bizzarely reported yet thinly veiled story. FYI, the alluded brothers are the Ambanis, who manage Reliance Industries, which contribute 3% of India's GDP!!
The Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite more inside
Simulation of various voting methods for close elections — in the market for a new voting method, but not sure which one to get? Why not try some out? more inside
Scrambled Eggs!!! Mr BlueCaller provides us with helpful hints for those of us "out there who crave a decent bout of testicular pain." more inside
The Spite Vote. "IT CAME ON suddenly and without warning. Fuck the Democrats. Fuck the liberals. I hope Bush wins. I hope Bush steals another election and urinates into everyone's wounds…" A wonderfully spiteful rant by Mark Ames, link coutesy of the equally vicious Steve over at Ethel the Blog. more inside
Primate shortage could slow medical advances. more inside
Minnie Driver is sooo punk rock... actually she's more jazz influenced. Apparently Miss Driver is a bit of a crooner. more inside
Frustration, anyone? [Flash game via Bifurcated Rivets]

August 20, 2004

It's a trap! No, no, not a Farkis, but rather a handy guide for the working girl on the lookout for undercover police. The Internet. Is there anything it can't do? more inside
Mis-Casting? It isn't unheard of for roles in movies to be miscast. Some would say it's merely a matter of opinion. more inside
Put on your boxing gloves and let's solve this as civilized people. (via ArtsJournal) more inside
Invisibility the disappearing cursor game
Curious George: Has anybody here used a flowbee? or perhaps a Robocut? I'd like to hear about your experiences and (mis)adventures with such things.
Want to smell like you just got a Hummer? Since destroying the environment is so much better when the driver (male only, of course) is properly accessorized, Hummer cologne is now available for consumption. '"It's got credibility with men," said Adrian Ellis, "What other brand for men would make more sense?"'
Fans of file-sharing have been handed a significant victory by a US court. US Appeals Court ruling goes against the RIAA and MPAA, saying P2P software makers are not responsible for the data transferred over their networks.
More Proof That Bush Is Stupid I laughed my ass off when I read this. Remember, this man carries the football with him. For you kiddies that don't know, it's a briefcase that has codes to launch nukes.
Boom! Big Boom. Large Boom. Larger Boom, followed by slightly smaller large Boom. Not Yet 2nd Largest non-nuclear Boom. Largest non-nuclear Boom. Non-nuclear testing for nuclear Boom. Also large. Big Boom with potential for more big Boom. Oops Boom.
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