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July 09, 2004

Reading the Mind of a Monkey.
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The Old Man and the Fish more inside
Instant browser chat through a link: Chatango is an instant message application that allows people to post links on blogs, Ebay etc. and have people chat anonymously with sellers with no signup. This could be quite revolutionary. . . or ultimately impractical to use. more inside
Brando Was NOT Destitute Follow-up to this thread, it appears that owning a chain of Polynesian Islands, a $10 million estate and many rare paintings and scripts officially disqualifies one from being destitute. Mr. Brando is, however, still dead.
Oh, Yeaahh!! It's the TRS-80 computer whiz kids
yes touch it, please because the screen is sooo far away, now, for your convenience, it'll chase you around...and perhaps, if you're lucky, take you out to dinner...
I scream, you scream, we all scream for lasagna ice cream! No, wait, make that asparagus ice cream. Yes, now you can "change the way you eat ice cream forever," with your spaghetti ice cream maker!
Israel's wall ruled illegal. The construction of the wall being built by Israel, the occupying power, in the occupied Palestinian territory, including in and around East Jerusalem, and its associated regime, are contrary to international law. more inside
Curious, George: Public domain White House footage Inspired by this brilliant short film, which Homunculus linked to in an earlier thread, I'd like to put together my own short films using footage of Bush et al. Any suggestions on places to get good public domain footage for such a thing? more inside
How & Why a Slide Rule Works - What is a slide rule? Well it's a really useful tool used for calculations, to put it simply. Want more info? Wrap your frontal lobes around this lot, then.
Phoood: The Junk Food Blog
Coolest man in world undergoing heart surgery. Scotty stricken with debilitating disease. Brando dead, along with half the Beatles and a good chunk of the Ramones. Townsend defamed. Dylan in Victoria Secret advertisements. Lou Reed inaudible. Jagger more disgusting than ever. Bono lame beyond belief. How are members of my generation expected to deal with our slowly ageing idols? more inside
Ridge Warns of Election Terror Plot Hmmm, not that I would ever imply that this administration would do such a thing, but could this be a conspiracy to keep folks away from the polls come November? Looks like Florida 2000 might have been just a warm up... more inside

July 08, 2004

Curious George: Let's be friends. I'm curious how many monkeys have been stuck in the "friend zone". more inside
Black people hate my glasses -End credits NSFW (via Memepool)
Read those [monkey] minds - (New Scientist). High cognitive brain waves decoded by hardwiring monkeys to science. Alternatively you can study more advanced primates brainwaves, but they may not be so willing .
My cat Annie and the naughtybird. [There's lots of other fun stuff at zefrank.] Thanks to all the MoFites who offered excellent cat counsel!
Couple has sex on stage during concert (very likely NSFW)"As Kristopher Schau and his band C--shots were in the middle of their concert; a young couple entered the stage, stripped and had sex." Which is all very well, but the point of the post is - Where's the most unusual place you've . . y'know more inside
wget to the rescue. Having trouble keeping up with all those mp3 blogs? This guy has figured out a way to scrape all the new audio files from your favourite sites. more inside
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