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July 28, 2004

Penny Postcards. Not your average run-of-the-mill e-cards. Categories include hungover, toilets and just plain weird. My favorites are the WWII cards. (via BonBon) Enjoy!
Welcome to the Vengeance Scale.
Next time you get curious about just how sweet revenge is, place your fury on this handy dandy scale of vengeance. (Your milage may vary) more inside
Atrios Went Public Atrios (real name Duncan) has had his photo posted on Talk Left and the Scripting News.

July 27, 2004

On Classical. 8000+ free classical MIDIs.
Here we have "the gift registry and resource for the newly single," also known as TheyTookEverything.com. What's the worst thing an ex ever stole from you? Like my sweetie's ex took his cat on the way out. Now THAT is low.
Genocide In Suden This is a linked-filled post and we monkeys like links. The Sudan crisis hasn't really been getting a lot of media attention. Blunted noted: "Bush won't even merely take place sanctions on Sudan." I wonder if it has anything to do with this.
With the completion of a major oil export pipeline in July 1999, Sudanese crude oil production and exports have risen rapidly over the past few years. Sudan's estimated oil reserves have doubled since 2001, with crude production reaching an estimated 345,000 barrels per day (bbl/d) in June 2004. Energy Minister Awad al-Jaz said in May 2004 that he expected crude production to reach 500,000 bbl/d in 2005.
The Mystery Pit of Oak Island One can only wonder what would have happened if young Daniel McGinnis had chosen to go exploring somewhere else on that fateful day in the summer of 1795. Some have died. An inscribed stone was lost. Theories abound. But not finding the treasure doesn't mean you can't make money.
Anti-social behaviour orders aka Asbos are a UK law designed to protect the public from behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress. And the cool thing about them is that they are heard as civil cases, which allows hearsay and balance of probabilities. But breach of an Asbo is a criminal offence. more inside
Is your jacket mp3/cell-equipped? If not, you're a total out-of-it loser shmuck.
H appy Birthday! more inside
Meet my son "Buttocks" and my daughter "Prostitute". Japanese Diet allows the adaptation of new kanji for names. The sky's not the limit though: "rape" and "cancer" are still verboten.
I got an abortion. These soft and comfortable fitted tees assert a powerful message in support of women's rights. Someone please enlighten me on how these T-shirts further the cause of women's rights. Seems in bad taste to me, of course not as bad as this shirt mind you.
giant robo flash fun
half the fun is figuring out how to play. have at it.
A preemptive strike! The Democratic National Convention. Go there, and say no more. For now.
┬┐Monstera Deliciosa? It looks weird, takes a long time to develop (up to a year!), and tastes like a couple totally different things. It's like fruit by Heiner Mueller! This thing is so god damn amazingly tasty...like a Wonka fruit salad...which should explain the name, which sounds like it should be a burrito in surfer country. Oh, and I almost forgot the BEST PART: it peels itself.
Escher Web Sketch [java applet] Explore the seventeen symmetry possibilities in two-dimensional space - or just move the mouse around - to create grandma's wallpaper groovy repeating patterns.
John Kerry's role in uncovering the Iran-Contra scandal.
The love that dare not speak its name. more inside
Random Word Generator By analyising the frequency of pairs of letters in 45,402 different words it is possible to generate new words which, although, don't have any meaning are reasonably syntactically correct. more inside

July 26, 2004

Ambush Another day at work for U.S. troops in Iraq. (wmv file)
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