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July 21, 2004

Castle. Yet another highly addictive flash game (requires flash (duh) ). Save your castle from evil stick figures!
Betcha didn't know about Association of Lifecasting International, a group of artists who do "lifecasts" of full bodies and body parts. (Don't worry, SFW.) Perhaps preserve your posterior for posterity? Or what other body part of yours would you like "lifecasted"?
The Daily Show wins an award for news programming? this seems pretty funny to me. and sort of sad that a fake news show gives me better news than the real news shows. more inside
An interior ministry spokesman says the story is "stupid". Reuters doesn't have the story on its front page, but it's still under Top Stories here. Ho hum.
Everyone loves Magical Trevor. Well, I don't know about everyone, but I really really love Magical Trevor. By the makers of Badgers, The Lord and the wonderful Scampi.
Tokelau--.tk domain names are free The island nation of Tokelau believes "that the Internet was supposed to be 'Free'. Meaning no charges, payments or expected return favors." Me too.
Old English Computer Glossary It doesn't have monkey or filter, but it does have "ofostlic and unclænlic". more inside
In Search of Orang-pendek. "Sumatra’s orang-pendek has been described as one of the most likely cryptids to actually exist. Richard Freeman dons his jungle survival kit and ventures into the rain forest to see for himself."
MIndball: One step closer to making human bodies irrelevant
Bill Cameron has this report on the growing phenomenon known as "Internet": [wmv clip] "...a revolution in which 15 million people are taking part. They're sharing scientific data, arguing philosophy or passing on cooking tips and gossip night and day through a computer network called 'Internet.'" more inside
A street gang is three or more people who associate together on a regular basis and sometimes claim a specific location or territory. They have an identifiable organization or hierarchy, and either individually or collectively engage in antisocial, unlawful or criminal activity in an effort to further the gang's social or economical status.
Oh my. Oh... oh my.
Almost SFW, but only barely. NSFyourmentalhealth.

July 20, 2004

Ought I not to believe this? Circumcellions, Antinomians, Adamites, Beguines, and other garden-variety heretics.
Find out who's working in your town!! Click on main index to find your city ****NSFW****.
Metis allows virtual visits to a long list of ancient Greek sites. You can move around on a map of each site and see a panoramic view from whichever point you choose. Requires Quicktime
See Otto Run...er Swim...er... Its amusing... Warning, Flash!
Ooooo, baby...more gas, more GAS! Just when you thought you'd heard of every fetish, I give you CarStuckGirls.com! (SFW)
P2P For Democracy! Stolen from Slashdot. This is an effort to make government documents (and memos, and speeches, and reports, etc) available over P2P networks in an effort to give the public the tools to access information on their elected officials that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. more inside
DNA Interactive In a total coincidence with the poetry link below, this site has great click-through animations of the history and significance of DNA research. It defies you not to learn something. Just in case you're called to be on the jury of a famous athlete's heinous crime.
Bush: The Anti-democratic President Jonathan Chait makes a case on how Bush has hurt the democratic process of America more than any other president in modern history. On another note: the article states that Bush the first president since James Garfield not to veto a bill in his first term. Garfield died in 1881 and didn't serve a full term.
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