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March 26, 2004

You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your friend's nose All you urine drinking, placentia eating folks now have a new hobby, eating your boogers.
Nissan's latest ad campaign includes an SUV positioned to make people take notice. And block traffic.
Call your broker now! Bargain of the day: Admission for two to Euro Disney for 0.45 Euros per share. Act now and they'll toss in two cuddly toys from the "Lion King" film, a restaurant voucher and two other tickets valid from June 27 to July 27.
No more annoying bathroom breaks. The Stadium Pal is an external catheter designed to eliminate frequent trips to restrooms during sporting events, traveling, flying, hunting and fishing, concerts, physical therapy, pub crawling, and long distance motorcycle rides. If you're a woman there's also the Stadium Gal . Not convinced? Listen to David Sedaris' testimonial (About 53 minutes into the clip, RealPlayer required). (SFW)
The Big Book of Sign Language - For Friday fun, finger funny phrases to friends!
Holy <$HolyItemDescription$>, Batman! A compilation of every "Holy x, Batman!" phrase ever uttered by Robin. Thank God. (via qwghlm)
Ronald McDonald The real one. He's married, has four children and six grandchildren and he lives in Scotland. He's written a protest poem. RealAudio required to hear him recite it.
Saddam's a Big Boi? Friday Flash Fun ...
"I'm obese, and I have difficulty finding sexual partners. This was a great substitute."
The Virtual Sex Machine. The terrorists have already won. Initial link is SFW, but click around at your own peril.
Taking Heroin Out Of The Head
Virtual Show and Tell Remember "Show and Tell" in elementary school? Well it's kind of like that, but Virtual! Everyone has something they made that they want to share, so now's your chance to self link. [More Inside]
Curious George: anyone here a geocaching enthusiast? If so got any good stories?
Al Franken and Others starting "Progressive Radio Station" Bored with talk-radio being dominated by Conservatives, and perhaps seeking some profit along the way, Air America Radio is launching a new network at the end of the month in New York, Illinois, and California. There will also be simultaneous broadcasting over the internet, for the rest of the interested population. more inside
Falsetto mania. The Darkness does Radiohead's Street Spirit (4.3 MB Mp3). From the mp3 archive The Darklings, via TTIKTDA.
Fetus Protection Bill Alright monkeys. What do you think about this? This brings up issues we discussed in this thread. I'm interested in what Musingmelpomene thinks. This is her beat.
Dream Yoga. Because the monkey mind never sleeps.
Wooden mirrors to go in my home made of translucent concrete
My old woodshop teacher Mr. Bogotaj would have been much more relaxed if we had one of these at school. "The SawStop system works by recognizing the difference in the electrical properties of wood and a user." Be sure to check out the amazing videos. Video found at Fazed

March 25, 2004

The Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, London, the largest Hindu temple outside India. more inside
BBC reports on McDonalds brand kids clothes. Which really isn't that noteworthy, the accompanying picture is something that could use some discussion. First, is this the most sensationalistic photo ever? And second, assuming the kid doesn't have a condition of some sort, what should be done to or about the lack of parenting.
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