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March 30, 2004

Meanwhile, this from North Korea: "The U.S. imperialists, who are obsessed by world supremacy, are pushing ahead with preparations for a genetic and biological warfare in real earnest to exterminate other nations. It was exposed some time ago by Hatman, a famous writer and journalist of the United States." Who is Hatman?
Take the Life as a Loser Experience After 5 years, Will Leitch has written his final Life as a Loser column for The Black Table. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but always entertaining. If you really like it you can buy the book
The Poetry of General George S. Patton, Jr.
"It is a vanity thing, I am ashamed to say..." Apparently there's more to the story of why Bob Edwards is getting the boot at NPR, and it's not going over well with listeners. Strategies to save him include signing a petition and withholding donations from you local station (some of the pressure to get rid of Edwards came from local stations in the first place). more inside
'It's so difficult to live with what we know' A stark and horrifying account from yesterday's Guardian of the 100 days of genocide in Rwanda, ten years ago. I never realised the full extent of the slaughter of the Tutsis by the Hutu: it was the most comprehensive genocide since the Holocaust. [part two]
Alistair Cooke dead at 95. I loved his Letter from America, which you could hear on the BBC World Service. More insightful than anything you'll find in the US. I'm going to really miss this guy. I think I'm getting choked up.
TELL ON TEENS is a resource intended to help reduce the illegal, inappropriate and malicious conduct of teens, "a service developed for the public to specifically report the inappropriate behavior of our youth."
Holy Flurking Schnitt! Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants. That's right folks, you're under arrest. That'll teach you to make eye contact with authority. more inside
Obsolete Occupations Medieval And Obsolete English Trade And Professional Terms
Curious, George: philosophy/policy behind promoting monkeyfilter.com . I notice we reached the 800 member mark a couple of days ago after about 4 months in operation. This is a good start, but I and was wondering whether further effort couldn't be made to propogate the site. more inside
Super Dickman! How much ofd this chocolate foamy kiss can you fit? [Entirely SFW] more inside
Club the penguin and see how far it goes in this bizarre german game. [FLASH] I appologize in advance if you don't find it as entertaining as I did.
405 Two guys, a couple computers, some off the shelf software, and three and a half months. Damn.
Your intractable geopolitical issues resolved. Free of charge.
Yo! MTV Raps! videos from Dream Chimney. Grandmaster Flash, MC Lyte, Eric B and Rakim, EPMD... Def beats, yo!
Intifada Snapshot A discerning view from ground level at the state of the Isreali-Palestinian conflict at this instant.
Khaan! Stupid, I know, but I keep on laughing. Found at The Ultimate Insult. [Flash]
Curious, George: Monkey Madness at the Minneapolis Mefi Meetup? Lord help me, I'll probably attend. Any north-central United Statesian or south-central Canadian Mofites out there fancy a trek to Mpls? Or am I the only one who lives in this neck of the woods? hellooooo?
Elephant encyclopedia. [Via The Cartoonist.]
The Idiots Guide To... Australia, Great Britain, The Soviet Union, France, Japan, and The USA. (Flash) more inside
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