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March 14, 2004

Coming to a sex club near you! Here's your chance get to know Bessy better without risking an embarrassing trial: the Bovine Rectal Palpation Simulator Project.
Visit the zoo to see some wonderfull creatures like this Caracalgirl. Or, you could write to Adobe and demand they start vetting people before they use Photoshop.
A Setback for the Autonomous Killer Robots. For complete details, check out the official DARPA Grand Challenge website. If I had to root for a self-directed murderous robot machine, I'd cheer for the NaviGATOR, from my hometown of Gainesville, Florida. ("I used to pass that autonomous mechanical death system every day on my way to class!")
Matt Sesow, one-armed artist extraordinaire.
The Georgian Museum of Photography. Online exhibits from the Republic of Georgia; themes include the Tiflis Society of Amateur Photographers 1893-1906, independent Georgia 1918-1921, architecture 1850-1914, the 1930s, and the family.
Lord of the Rings is set to become a "lavish stage musical" next year. Dozens of actors will perform complex battle scenes! Obviously you'll want to see the official site. It apparently has the support of the Tolkien Society, since they've issued a press release on behalf of the production.
Racoons , introduced to Germany by Hermann G
Shot For Shot Remake of "Thriller" with Lego People Scroll down for long downloadable version. Totally worth it.
god help me if waxpancake ever joins the lavender, I'll never have anything to post ...
All about Balls. He's got big balls, she's got big balls, but we've got the biggest balls of them all. An obsession with spheroids.
I know where Bruce Lee lives. The ultrainteractive kungfu remixer. (Flash) This remixer was originally commissioned for the online art-exhibition "Festival of Visions - Hongkong -Berlin" in which Berlin Artists were asked to work with inspirations from HongKong culture. Out of fascination for the subject and the new genre of cinematic remixing on the web, we developed it much further. more inside

March 13, 2004

Just what the name says: www.HistoricalHair.com. Hair samples of famous personages in history. Jefferson Davis, John Lennon among others. The selection isn't huge, but if you're into hair, well... Here's a little background info
Ever wondered what that strange neighbor next door dreams about?. How about that lady at the petstore or anyone else for that matter?
Your favourite swearword It's not big, it's not clever ... but it is funny ... UK TV station Channel 4's running a branding campaign where it asks its presenters various questions ... most of them pretty safe. But they got risky for this one, intended for cinemas; they asked their presenters their favourite swearwords ... inevitably it's been banned ... via b3ta.com ... definately NSFW (unless you've got headphones plugged in)
From the greatest hits collection. You know it, you love it, it's: Roy Orbison in Cling Film. I know, I know; but if this is even ONE person's first time, I'll feel I've done the right thing. Bonus: The guy is now hosting a SONG about Roy Orbison in Cling Film. Oh my.
The Teachings of L. Ron Hoover: Welcome To The First Church of Appliantology "Stunned by JOE's command of it's native tongue, a gleaming model XQJ-37 nuclear powered Pan-Sexual Roto-Plooker named SY BORG spindles over to JOE and says... 'Pick me...I'm clean... I am also programmed for conversational English.'"
Kid Koala
I thought this smelled rotten from day one. Plastic shredder, anyone?
Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's the all-seeing Darpa blimp! [Via TalkLeft.]
"I am with you always". I was awakened in the middle of the night with a clear, vivid impression that the Lord wanted me to do some special drawings -- drawings depicting ordinary people in their everyday environment . . . . with one important addition: the presence of Jesus Christ and His involvement in those routine activities. more inside
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