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March 03, 2004

dogster.com - where every dog has a web page
Cubby, Pomeranian Nicknames: Cubster Likes: Human Food, Tummy Rubs Pet-Peeves: Snow, cold weather, baths, dog food Favorite Toy: Rattle, Stuffed Animals Favorite Food: Peanut Butter, Steak, Chicken, Carrots, Celery
Transhumanism. Vernor Vinge on the Singularity. A rather old article, but a good one. Wrap your frontal lobes around this one, fellow domesticated primates. more inside
Furl: your web page filing cabinet. A neat web app that allows you to save and file articles of interest for future reference. Great for blogs, school research, reference or just to impress your friends! Some people just can't get enough. more inside
Monkey on my mouth Lip balm addicts, depending on who you ask, are either in need of a 12-step program or more lip balm. A serious addiction or a nervous habit? You decide.
"Could you take off your crown of thorns, please? I can't see the screen." At least someone has a sense of humor about this film ('course, it may not be the PC-est of humor, but still...)
Lesbians: the biggest addiction of them all. Apparently this is why we should fear gay sex: it's more addictive than heroin. Although I'm curious how an ostensibly straight guy would know about how addictive lesbians are. Exhaustive study of the tapes? more inside

March 02, 2004

A house for the little turds. Homemade translation of an Akira Toriyama "Picture Book Special" from Dr. Slump collection number 14 and previously published in Shonen Jump Comics in the early 80's. Features characters Dr. Slump (Prof. Senbei Norimaki) and his robot "little sister", Arale. This English version was put together by hand, as a zine, in the days before Photoshop. (Main link is a 2.9MB PDF)
The Kamagasaki Gallery. Shamelessly stolen from MeFi, an excellent compilation of photos by Shannon Higgins from the biggest slum in Japan which includes descriptions for every one of them. Also in this issue, comfort women for the japanese imperial army during WWII (thanks to humbe).
PETA activists protest by having a pillowfight naked in the snow. "This is nothing compared to what the animals go through," one protester said.
NASA: Rover landed in a former Martian lake. In a press conference today NASA announced evidence that liquid water existed at the Rover Landing site. Senior scientists speculate that the water source could have ranged anywhere from hidden groundwater to a sea the size of one of America's Great Lakes. Though liquid water has long been suspected on Mars, this discovery takes the exploration to a new level.
Finally some porn for the desk jockeys. Sorry, but after all the porn links the other day, I thought this was interesting...
Paul Krugman On Alan Greenspan more inside
Caring for Your Introvert A year-old article, but one of my favorites. Introverts are a much-misunderstood, much-maligned minority group. If you are one, as I am, you'll want to forward this link to all the (annoying) extroverts in your life. If you're an extrovert, please stop talking for a few minutes and read this article. (Atlantic Online)
The new food fad: Black Tomatoes. Eggheads have slaved over a hot greenhouse for years to produce the Kumato. It's black, it's from Galapagos, and it makes your reptiles sexy. Eat one today!
Matchstick Rockets - Make little rockets out of matches, paper clips, and other household items.
Writing in the New Republic, Jonathan Chait argues that Ralph Nader has never been a true friend of liberal causees. According to Chait, "The qualities that liberals have observed in him of late--the monomania, the vindictiveness, the rage against pragmatic liberalism--have been present all along. Indeed, an un-blinkered look at Nader's public life shows that his presidential campaigns represent not a betrayal of his earlier career but its apotheosis."
Two hundred twenty spiders and seven hundred pictures. The pirate spider, the camel spider, and of course, the vibrating spider. more inside
RFID in your wallet. Aparently the RFID chip in new US twenties explodes when microwaved. Plans to embed RFId in Euro and Yen notes have been publicly discussed, but this is the first I've heard of it in US currency. I wondered when tv commercials for the new 20s were running last year why on earth they would have to spend money advertising money - now it is becoming clearer. more inside
Curious, George; Where are we? What country do each of us Monkey's live in? What state? Many of us didn't list our geographic status in our bio's. more inside
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