April 27, 2007

the french hate themselves even more than we do ...I knew it.

November 27, 2006

Light To Unite click on the link - light a virtual candle - donate a dollar to AIDS research (courtesy of Bristol-Myers Squibb)...

September 22, 2005

Electro-man and trusty companion The Mighty Jacket have been found, and how far away from gotham... now all he needs to do is learn how to keep the carpet at work from melting under him.

June 28, 2005

Is YOUR home planet warming up? Simply but this 300 trillion dollar ring around it! and all your troubles *should* go away.

March 04, 2005

"my gramma is 125 years old! how old is YOOOOOOOOOURS?" I could have def. used that as a child, for an alternative to: "my dad's car is bigger than yours" so...what were your kiddie insults? or...do you think she's tired and wants to die?

March 02, 2005

Baby is hungry and you have no milk? well that's OK...here, feed him this rocket fuel bottle.

February 25, 2005

Happy Monkey: I haven't been here in a LOOONG while. so I just wanted to say: HAPPY FRIDAY! ooooh oohh aaah ahhh. k bye

February 09, 2005

Holy Monkey: So today religion is wild and lose at monkeyfilter...coincidentally, today is Ash Wednesday...did any monkeys get their ash cross yet? I'm guessing yes, but, do international monkeys do it the same way? is it OK to say happy "ash wednesday!"...hmm...banana

February 01, 2005

An entry in Prince Harry's "Sensitivity For Others" journal...with a little help from "The New Yorker" On Americans "...To prove our kinship, I wore a great mound of padding and spoke very loudly. I immediately experienced a true bond with Yanks everywhere; I felt that we shared so much more than merely the gleeful bombardment of Muslim lands. I practiced yodelling

January 28, 2005

Massive mound of coal manure burns for 3 months straight! includes the quote "crews fighting a blaze in a three-acre manure lagoon" ew, need I say more?

January 27, 2005

Company adopts ultimate no smoking policy: Smoke and we'll fire you. hmmm...this could be a problem.

January 26, 2005

Keep you JAYSUS of MAH Penis...ok, so this might not be worth shit, but it's def. Gutsy...particularly the Bush's daughter part. For Quicktimers and For Windowers SFW if you turn your speakers down...I think.

January 25, 2005

50 most obnox...oh wait, it's not obnoxious, it's loathsome...50 most loathsome people in America Yes monkeys, it includes Clay Aiken, Jonh Kerry and 50 cent. It's ok if no one asked me, I still approve.

January 17, 2005

I'm sure that two Iraqi "terrorists" would much rather quit the insurgency, than be forced to find each other irresistible. But the military doesn't like to disrupt the enemy, they like to kill it. See here the quirky, non-lethal Weapons of Mass Disruption that that the pentagon has scrapped. Why? beats me.

January 13, 2005

Curious George: sorry for the double post! ^_^ . Anyway, I'm not sure if my friends are playing dumb, or if it's really that hard a question, but they never seem to be able to answer quickly or once... The question: do you guys have one single word in the English language that stands out as your favourite? It can be only *ONE* word.
GOD will save you! and to prove it, we're gonna stick THIS needle in your eye! *squirt* "o damn it, I hate it when that happens" ************************* Well, we know it kills (see islamic extremists) but does it heal?...faith, that is. Faith.

January 12, 2005

Oil is not welcome in Iceland anymore... and poises the nation to be the first in the world to create a hydrogen based economy. This is great really. The little nation is putting its money where its mouth is, unlike many other, far bigger/richer nations. (*cough* US *cough*) Kudos to Iceland.

January 11, 2005

Jobs unveils cheaper Mac... enters competition for the home front. and IPods for $149? "damn it! who are you!? what have you done to apple?"

January 07, 2005

The internet pushes everything, even sexual limits. So what happens when there's access to anything all the time: do you curb your enthusiasm or crave more? if so, what is it? is deviance more powerful than sexual orientation? or is this a case of "the right price"? A lot of really good questions are raised here IMO. (SFW. Potentially Not Safe for Macho guys)

January 06, 2005

picture this: Bill gates on a podium presenting his latest product. The crowd anxiously awaits the first glance at truly revolutionary software, he points, he clicks, and then...THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH! he he he
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