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May 06, 2006

It's free comic book day again more inside
The Evolution of Dance (YouTube video) Judson Laipply's finale on his "Inspirational Comedy" speaking engagements, called by some "the funniest 6 minutes you'll ever see." It may not be the funniest I've seen, but it is fun. A (very) little more about Laipply can be found here.
Hacker fears 'UFO cover-up.'
Another step in the Google Empire: make your Google website now! They've made it way dang easy. Too easy, maybe? more inside
McStarbucks In which McDonald's totally loses touch with reality and decides all 30,000 of their worldwide locations should be remodeled in pastely earth tones, and all vestiges to the past (think roof, bright colors, burger-joint-style booths) tossed asunder. 'Cause really what McDonald's has always about is the comfy couches and plasma TVs. more inside

May 05, 2006

The Pillsbury Doughboy is being held for ransom! Oh nos! I'm not sure what all the fuss is about, apparently he died last month. The ransom pictures alone make it worth the while more inside
Lego for it! On the level, with a flash.

May 04, 2006

Lapdogs: The White House Press Corpse When the Freedom of the Press is willfully abandoned, representative democracy is fubar'd. As Colbert hands them their ass on a plate, the gross negligence of the White House reporters begins to loom ever larger. more inside
LA Meetup? Cabingirl and perhaps other monkeys will be in town next week for the nerd convention, er, I mean E3. Let's give her (and any assorted others) a proper MoFiLA welcome! more inside
The Drowsy Chaperone. Don McKellar, writer, actor, director, and guy who must never sleep, talks about the Drowsy Chaperone, a musical that went from being a one-off bit of stag party entertainment, to Fringe Festival fare, to a show on the Great Broadway itself. more inside
Curious, George: What are the economics of a Hollywood film? Steven Soderburgh spoke at a panel on Monday called "Downloading at a screen near you", in which he said that "negative cost" is up 85% and advertising up 110%. To lower the cost of making a movie, he recommends capping actor salaries, releasing movies in multiple media at the same time, and no "pre-screen" advertising. I'm intrigued, but confused. more inside
Pump it til the goo shoots out! With link to video.

May 03, 2006

Quotable George: Quoth the Monkey, "Even More" Frolicky Wednesday: Name the movie the previous quote is from, then leave your own cryptic self-justifying epitaphic genius droppings. No Googling! more inside
"Electronic Roadsigns and Me" If you're bored on a quiet piece of US highway, there's always something to do.
Kev, you beaut! Have a squizz at the lyrics, the bloke's a bloody cracker. Here's a bit from me all time fave, more inside
Earthquake! Tsunami warning for various areas, including New Zealand. Yes, it's newsfilter, but ratha germane.
Texas Man Saves Pal During Raid By Chimp Never piss of an angry monkey: "His friend's hand was a mangled mess; most of it was gone. The station wagon had stalled after the driver desperately tried to ram through a gate. Now, the chimpanzee that had attacked them on an isolated mountain road in West Africa was coming at them again. "
Ask a Ninja. You got questions? Ninja got answers! Plus -- Ninja pickup lines!
Thought Experiments Suppose you could save five lives by taking one - what would be the correct thing to do? Would you kill the violinist? Would you stuff a stick of dynamite up Fat Jack's ass? Fun and games in Hypothetical Land.

May 02, 2006

What they don't want you to know. Try making your own conspiracy. This ones mine. "In order to understand Fish are hidden rulers you need to realize that everything is controlled by a Piscis made up of blue wales with help from Druids. The conspiracy first started during parting of the Nile in Bringabeeralong. They have been responsible for many events throughout history, including Romans conquering Britain. Today, members of the conspiracy are everywhere. They can be identified by nose picking. They want to hurl cow pats at the Fish Brothers and imprison resisters in the core of the earth using a molecule transporter. In order to prepare for this, we all must use a fishing line. Since the media is controlled by The Fish League we should get our information from the two in the bush."
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