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May 16, 2006

Johnny Lechner discusses his decision to forego graduation from UW-Whitewater once more, and fit in a thirteenth year of undergrad. Apparently, Johnny hasn't worked his way through the entire course calendar yet.
Leonardo's Engines
Give it up Hitler! You lost already!! I know, Newsfilter, but amusing all the same...
For those who enjoy a challenge of definitons Simply a verbal intelligence test - more challenging than most it seems although that may only be my perspective. more inside
Odie the Pug says "I love you"
Dangling over sheer cliffs on rope ladders, traditional Nepalese honey hunters harvest the sweet goo produced by Himalayan cliff bees. more inside

May 15, 2006

Bio Mapping is a project being conducted by London artist Christian Nold which tracks how individuals' emotions change as they move from place to place while going about their day's business. Read more about it here.
Ugliest Dog EVER.
“I have a Lamborghini and I've got a big wall.” Richard Moriarty has a 1974 Lamborghini installed on his wall and we can see how it's done (see here).
Gene Scott loves Australia (I miss Gene) *youtube link - nsfw*

May 14, 2006

Wyphanwae's gripes. Wifey's been gripin, as usual, on this Mum's day stuff. She reckons the "Damned Whores and God's Police" attitude's still goin strong (& it better not start up in our house, or else) Pointed me in the direction of this Bulletin story. Wifey's got a brain like a whip & a mouth to match & I reckon I'm bloody lucky but if I buy her flowers or chocs, she cuts me off for the rest of the month. Reckons she wants power tools cozza bein more 'meaningful'. Eh? Wot?
CHEESE! How to get your man to fall at your feet.
The President of the United States of America Addresses the nation. (Video - Quicktime) And in WMV format. Transcript inside ► more inside

May 13, 2006

Grolar Bear! But why did they have to shoot it?
Unexpected images: a water-damaged camera produces images of wonder and colour. more inside
Minimalist Techno Kittens. This is so cool. Make your own minimalist techno with whacked out kittens. Requires Flash and sound. more inside

May 12, 2006

Bush Was Right! (embedded video) Yeah, baby! Killer rock music with a neocon flair! Democracy is on the way / Hittin' like a tidal wave / All over the Middle East / Dictators walk with shakin' knees more inside
The effect of porn on male fertility. One of the things I love about modern academia is imagining how some people pitch their proposals. Imagine, if you will, explaining that you plan on proving, with SCIENCE, whether watching FFM or MMF porn leads to more rampant fertility. (SFW)
KANPAI~~ Tokyo/Kanagawa Meetup! A special Monkey is dropping by the Land of the Rising Sun at the end of this month - and I was being thinking it might be fun to get together for a session of sake and frivolity. more inside
An art gallery in LA hosts a collection of art inspired by old video games. Other works in the collection include No One Wants To Play Sega With Harrison Ford and Donkey Kong's Last Supper. The WaPo's tech blogger blogs about it here. more inside
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