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May 09, 2006

M.O.N.K.E.Y. No. SE7EN : Man-made opiates normally keep everyone yawning. For those of you new to the game: make a sentence using words that begin with corresponding letters of the last word of the previous sentence. For those of you who are familiar, this should load a little faster, for a while, anyway. more inside
Thumbs up. Up from the under.
In Spain the Socialist Party has introduced a bill to include simians in the world of people. If the bill passes, one assumes that upon adulthood said simians will, be granted the vote, a drivers license and they will be permitted to drink alcohol?? Next thing you know,,one of them could be a world leader.
"You have really wierd dreams when you pass out" according to Atlanta Journal Constitution staffer after his flight with The Blue Angels in a F/A-18.
Starlords. Star Wars / Lord of the Rings Disco Mashup! Via BB.
Aw, crap. This really bums me out.

May 08, 2006

The website SourceWatch contains editable write-ups on over 200 industry-funded organizations and a helluva lot more. Here's its list of lists.
What would you do? Heart attack material.
Secret UFO Study Released! ...revealing that there are no UFOs. Well, actually there are but not aliens. And if you see one it's because your mind has been messed with...
Leonard Cohen in the flesh. Leonard will be appearing at Indigo, Bay & Bloor, T.O., May 13th, 3:45. He'll be there to support his new book and his girlfriend's CD. more inside
Monkey Fluids Has this been brought to the monkeys' attention before? If not, it made me laugh and appears to be "up" our collective "alleys" (as it were).
Hop to it A word game. Here's another: Etymologic Stolen from the inexhaustable Paperback Writer.
Mr. Yuck for the Eloi. How do we communicate with the future (pdf, 350 pages)?
Remote control gone mad. Thank you, but I prefer not to allow people to remotely control my brain.
Mmmmm, watermelon! For those of us in North America, we're rapidly approaching that time of year when sweet green-shelled cannonballs are in season. It's been immortalized in music as the epitome of smooth and cool. more inside

May 07, 2006

Envelope and Letterfolding For those of us who do not rely solely on email.
Here are some cool pictures of the laser facility the US Government has built to develop lasers to shoot down enemy satellites. (With cool laser pictures).
An English Fox inexplicably enjoys a trampoline. (YouTube Flash vid). & Freddy the American Fox on Flickr. Both seen @ robot wisdom

May 06, 2006

Five thousand days: press photography in a changing world. (Click the chapter titles for a rundown.) While we're on the topic, some cartoons about feeding the five thousand, a Jules Verne-style ebook called Five Thousand Miles Underground, and how to spend $5,000. more inside
Congratulations! MonkeyFilter users pass the 5000 mark! I think an interlude of appreciation for MonkeyBashi and Number Two would be appropriate at this juncture. Thank you for creating and maintaining the site I frequent and care about the most on the WWW. more inside
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