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July 31, 2004

Trystan's Closet I came across this while searching the name of a clothing store. While not what I was looking for, this woman's gallery of nerd-fabulous creations was a cool discovery nonetheless. more inside
28MM a photography magazine.
Five Eight (Quicktime video) One of the most legendary bands in the history of the Athens, Georgia music scene. These guys have been around a long time. I once saw this band at the Brass Mug in Tampa and the lead singer Mike Mantione stripped naked and read poetry. He said he wouldn't stop until he sold enough CDs and t-shirts for gas money for the band's van. That kinda stuff is normal for this band.
Death of discourse? more inside
Mystery Chimpanzee Deaths blamed on Anthrax - the list of extinction threats to Chimps, such as destruction of forest habitat, the bushmeat trade and other diseases, now includes anthrax. Cause of death of nine chimps who died on the Ivory Coast between 2001 and 2002 has been found to be the infamous bacteria.
When you've got to feel it in your bones... A Murder of Skeletons. An exquisitely designed Flash game. Be sure to click the little asterisk in the bottom-right of the game window in order to listen to some suitably atmospheric music from Johnny Hollow. (Seen at MeFi.)
You thought Gene Simmons was getting a lot of trim. Gene study shows that 8% of *all* Asian men are descended from a single patriarch; and it had to have been a guy who, uh, gets around. Speculation is that it was Ghengis-Khan.
Japanese Temple Geometry. During Japan's period of national seclusion (1639--1854), native mathematics thrived, as evidenced in sangaku--wooden tablets engraved with geometry problems hung under the roofs of shrines and temples. Also check out these sangaku problems.
"The Singing Nun" - her strange and sad end. "Dominique" made her a star, but after the music died it all went straight to hell. It looks a little sexier in the Italian version. What a drag...I just assumed she was happily belting away in a convent somewhere. Rock and roll really is a vicious game.
Closer To Truth.
Preparing for Ermergencies: What you need to know. From the good people at the HM Department of Vague Paranoia. via neilgaimen.com
Typical advertising is for jerks. Joey the Midwife isn't. Ho-hum... another ad campaign... call the ex-football star, the girls in bikinis, the rock band with the most tattoos... make your stupid commercial... then wonder why nobody's buying your stupid goddamn deoderant. Money well spent? Doubt it.

July 30, 2004

How fast can you read? more inside
The case that must not be named (via jwz)
Curious George: I have less than 72 hours to take a drug test that I may not pass - and let's just say the consequences will be dire if I don't. Help me, monkeys, in my time of need. more inside
This land is your land. . . When was the last time you saw John Kerry on his knees before world leaders, clad in S&M gear and with a ball gag in his mouth? Or eyed President Bush looking sheepish in a red dunce cap? more inside
The Corporation. One of the most important documentary films of the modern era. Starring 7 CEOs, 3 VPs, 2 Whistleblowers, 1 Broker, 1 Spy, and 1 Really Big Mess. Find out when it's coming to your town, and check out the trailer. more inside
Build-to-Suit: A Castle "This is a simple site for those interested in building, purchasing, or designing a solid stone castle ... While the old castles were cold, damp, and downright miserable, our castles are toasty warm, dry, and healthy to live in." (via coudal) more inside
An introduction to Leet. Something of a followup to this thread.
TROGDOR!!!! I have recently become hip to the glory that is Trogdor. It seems this (currently unfinished but promising) plush incarnation follows in a long line of t-shirts, computer games, die-cast models, lego creations, primitive drawings, and pop culture references.
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