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May 10, 2004

The Misunderestimated Man "The question I am most frequently asked about Bushisms is, "Do you really think the president of the United States is dumb?" The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes and no. " [via DayPop]
Ink Mathematics A link/MP3 blog, alternative and independant news. Great filter.
They're self-centered, manipulative, backstabbing, out only for themselves--and amoral about the whole thing: they're Corporations.
Practise your amateur psychiatrist skills and try to cure these little disturbed critters. [Flash]
The Successful Beach and Shallow Water Metal Detecting University. Link snatched from Far Outliers, a blog I would like to groom.
The mystery of Meroitic could be on the way to a solution at last. (Nicest site run by a People's Front I've seen, by the way) There is a large amount of Meroitic writing and we know what sounds it represents - we just don't know what the sounds mean. Meroe is often seen as a small southern afterthought to Ancient Egypt, but others argue that the civilisation of Egypt was actually drawn from the ancient black culture of Meroe. more inside
Nine Naked Men: Cute, bizarre, and filled with nudity. How can you go wrong? (Oh an yes, probably NSFW.)
The Red Hot Jazz Archive
Got Beef? "Welcome to the exciting world of Beefmasters! Whether you're a commercial or seedstock producer, Beefmasters offer you exceptional opportunities to add value - and profit - to your cattle program."
Trepanation is the ancient practice of making a hole in the skull in order to improve the brain pulsations and hence the overall well being.

May 09, 2004

Jesus H. Curious! Curious George: Can you come up with something funnier and mo'better? more inside
Shygirl. Flash. Snarfled from Blort
Heavy Little Objects. Mack Reed catalogues and glorifies the things he builds and finds. more inside
Where are you going on holiday this year? Spain? Greece? Turkey? How about the centre of the earth? If you've got $18,950 spare, you can join Steve Currey on his epic journey to the North Pole... And Beyond. more inside
Could I see some ID? Sure, I shamelessly stole the link from That Other Site, but this is almost as addictive as Hot or Not.
Leopolis. Photos of Lvov. Posted at glosses.net a while ago, but not everybody reads glosses, I've realized.
Could I see some ID? Sure, I shamelessly stole the link from That Other Site, but this is almost as addictive as Hot or Not.
Freedom is the problem! Apparently the real issue isn't torture, it's digital cameras and that damn Internet. Go, Internet, go. more inside
Are you proud to be a merkin? Our operators are standing by.

May 08, 2004

Improve your self-esteem Play games! more inside
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