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May 18, 2004

George W. Bush and the Constitutional Contractors: Defending marriage by 'rebuilding' America.
Ladies and Gentlemen-- The Game Bike. Addicted to Playstation? Need to lose a few pounds? Then step this way...
Personal Ads. I have moles in odd places and should probably clip my toenails more often. I prefer sitting around playing video games to doing things. I drink a good deal and make fun of people I don't even know. Ah Love. Find it online without the glamour shots and half-truths. Or something.
To let -- cheap Anyone looking for housing, there's a flat available somewhere in the US. Pictures available.
Caxton's Chaucer: View the Original Canterbury Tales. British Library site.
A USA Today storm chasing article carried scavenged quotes off our phpBB discussion board without asking any of the participants. I may be biased since I am one of the Stormtrack admins, but I was a bit surprised to see sketchy journalism from a national newspaper firsthand. Fair use or foul? I'm really curious, and if it's ok then I'm cool with it. Our users are kinda miffed though. Would a good TOS deter this kind of thing?
Crank.net. Your guide to the truly lunatic fringe, from old favorites to newly found gems.
Thai Elephant Orchestra:
A CD of elephants in the Thai jungle playing specially designed musical instruments. The elephants improvise the music themselves. The Thai Elephant orchestra was co-founded by Richard Lair of the Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang and performer/composer Dave Soldier(Real Media Audio).
shell explodes in Iraq - or does it? While sources are reporting that a shell filled with sarin "misfired" earlier today, the chemistry of sarin gas leads me to believe otherwise. According to agonist, sarin has an exceedingly short shelf life. To extend it, Iraq made binary bombs that contained only one component. The secondary component needed to be added at the last minute - by hand! In other words, the "botched" sarin shell likely contained only isopropynol - which we use in a mildly diluted form as rubbing alcohol.
Gamelan Nyai Saraswati. Geshundheit.
Seymour Hersh's Article On Abu Ghraib Seymour Hersh breaks another story. He was working on this before 60 Minutes. His article is going to bury Under-Secretary for Intelligence Stephen Cambone. It turns out the CIA and JAG tried to shut the black op that was going on in the prison. The military and spooks are going to bury Rumsfeld and Cambone before this is over.

May 17, 2004

Okay, I'm not ashamed to admit it, I'm going to get a vanity plate. For whatever reason I'm NEVER able to remember my plate number, so I'm using this as an excuse to get a vanity plate. Come on inside for the details! more inside
Should Narnia be allowed to join the EU? more inside
Curious George: And now... the thread we've all been waiting for... well, at least the more lascivious of those among us: SHOW US YOUR ASS TATT! Or any (insert other body part here) tatt, for that matter. SideDish's famous ass tatt starts us off, brought to us courtesy of IggySlut!
TheAmerican Military Operation Name Generating Device "
I have a lot of questions about the Berg assassination video. I'm glad to see someone else has also. Like...why didn't Berg struggle more when the killers applied the knife? Why is the tape edited in such strange ways? Lots of other weird things I hadn't considered.
EU, UN Betray World Folding under pressure from the Bush Administraion and following lasts weeks capitulation by the EU, the United Nations formally backs genetically modified food, citing "it hasn't spread fast enough".
Getting Drunk to Cure Breast Cancer I'm all for supporting your favorite charity, but the disturbing bourgeois trend of partying for a good cause seems a bit unseemly to me. As they say over in EviteLand, "It's up to us to fight breast cancer and I think a good night of drinking just might do the trick!!"
A vote for Kerry is a vote for boobies: "Alexandra Kerry, daughter of John Kerry, left movie fans gasping at the Cannes Film Festival in her daring see-through dress." (All links NSFW, as they show thinly-veiled breasts.)
Curious, George: Give me your rights! I've got an idea for a story I'd like to write, but it's loosely based on (i.e., uses a character from) a copyrighted song. Does anyone know how to contact an artist/agent to ask permission to use copyrighted material? If it's throught the agent, how do you locate the artist's agent?
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