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April 26, 2004

"Famous" LiveJournals. Apparently, there's a whole mini-culture of people keeping LiveJournals, playing the parts of celebrities. Welcome to a strange world where Celine Dion complains that "it's actually pathetic when Mariah updates more than I do", and celebrities as varied as Tom Cruise ("if you haven't seen my new look for my new movie, let me warn you, it involves a grayish flat top and a little more bulk than I normally carry") and Fiona Apple ("ok ladies of Lilith, Sarah, Alanis and i have JUST finished creating the must_be_lilith community") list each other as friends. A little creepy, but not enough to cover up the somewhat perverse entertainment value drawn from watching someone so involved in another person.
James Brown Feels A Little Too Good

April 25, 2004

More Woow & Wooo! In 3-D of course. This is an index of past years, lots of pics. Some NSFW due to, well you know..........the heat. via [linkfilter].
The EPA: Making the world safer. The EPA have been working on cleaner engines. For ICBMs. "Thus, if the Minuteman III ICBMs have to be used in some future nuclear war, their rocket motors will not pollute the atmosphere. EPA regulations do not apply in foreign countries, so no changes are being made to reduce the harmful environmental effects of the nuclear warheads." more inside
Some 3-D fun photos. Links of some older photos of landmarks and nature stuff. Wowww, Whooo! via [presurfer]
Dustbowl Photographs. Some amazing images. Via Plep.
We don't live anywhere near Perfect, and we'll keep it that way.
Stand Up and Holla!! An uber-essay contest! Share your entry in the comments.
Forgent sues 31 companies over use of JPEG. Like the spectre of the GIF/Unisys monster that would not die, Forgent Networks is rising up to haunt the industry. It filed lawsuits Friday against Dell, Adobe, Apple, Agfa, IBM, Xerox, Macromedia, JVC, Panasonic, Creative Labs, and dozens of other companies for violating patents on their compression algorithms which are allegedly used in the JPEG format. The company talked licensing fees back in 2002 but the community balked or turned a deaf ear. Legit suit or a quick buck? (Also on Slashdot)
A Duck Amok. Donald makes a career move.
Things That Go Off Whoosh (Or More Often Bang) from neilgaiman.com, who has a really fun post up today.
Hardboiled Slanguage of the '30s and '40s Tough Guys and Deadly Dames more inside
RIAAMix. The Remix is Dead. Long Live the Remix. more inside

April 24, 2004

Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping. The "God-that-is-Not-A-Product" works in mysterious ways. more inside
If Hackers the movie was written by real hackers. An oldie but goodie.
the smoking freedom of yesterday with the smoking technology of tomorrow Using the latest Nicological technology, the Nicosphere 3000 offers a discreet smoking environment for its user. The system has six smoking programmes, all designed to fit your busy lifestyle and has been ergonomically designed to fit either the male or female torso.
Nature vrs Nurture If you go out in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise, because today's the day The teddy bears have their picnic more inside
San Francisco clubbing. Did you know that it is illegal to allow dancing without a permit in San Francisco? (scroll down to Dance Hall Keeper) I didn't. Starting with an existing club, you'd think it'd be easy, right? more inside
Japanese Armour. more inside
Physics in Flash. Animated Flash demonstrations of physics. more inside
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