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April 18, 2004

Music made from Windows Noises flash. Via Opacodex
Rap in Sweden - A pictorial essay about true stupidity.
Curious George: Where did the hippies go? Though we like to talk of 1960s and the hippie movement, what exactly happened to them as the 1970s rolled on? Most people say they "grew up" or "got tired of living in vans", however I find the answer kind of simplistic. Their ideas of unity and brotherhood were formidable, but as the hippie generation grew up we saw only polarization toward money, Cold War politics, the drug war, and Reagan. Is there a book or resource that covers this disconnect?
Reversing Vandalism. Reversing Vandalism. 'A slide-show essay about how the San Francisco Public Library converted a vandal's crime into art.' The story starts here.
Curious George: Creating Mp3s I'm looking for a new way/plugin to create Mp3s. more inside
Boys monkey around more than girls -- especially when it comes to hunting termites. more inside
Islamica News Because you really don't hear enough about Muslims with a sense of humour.
If Batman Had An iPod, And Drove a 4-Cylinder Mid-Size Sedan With Matching Earthtone Interior, Here Is What It Would Look Like.
From an English woman working with the people injured in Fallujah. (Via Raed in the Middle) more inside
Fly me to the mooooon I'm going there right now; if a couple of you join me, I'll try to fly to the earth with you. (flash req.)
Begin planning your road trip the right way. Courtesy of Pie of the Month comes reviews of where to get good pie, broken down by states.

April 17, 2004

The McGurk Effect. This is creepy. Dammit, I feel as if the gods of perception have stuck a spoon in my brain and stirred it around a bit. via matociquala's LJ.
PROVEN IN GULF COMBAT! LIVES DEPEND ON IT! Put a catalytic converter in your culottes with the Flatulence Deodorizer™.
Music from John Hughes Movies By and large, it's not my cup of tea; but who could resist the lure of "Holiday Roohhhahhaaaahhooohhaahhoooahhooooaahhhooooad; Holiday Rooohhhooooaaaahhohhhahhaahhooooaahd!"
Talking Cock , home of the The Coxford Singlish Dictionary, is a comprehensive and very local guide to all things Singlish.
See your name in nudes! Lights? Feh! What could be more appealing than one's name spelled out by the limber and scantily clad? [NSFW, obviously]
University of Toronto CS lecture slides describing various fractals. The very first image really grabbed my attention. Scroll down to the very bottom for "A tonne more examples". more inside
Sophie Crumb Is As Crazy As Her Father. (Thank God!)

April 16, 2004

The World's First Crossword. Also check out crosswords in Italian, Russian, Arabic, Norwegian, and even Latin. more inside
The only immortality you and I may share It turns out Vladimir Nabokov may have stolen elements of his most famous novel from a 1916 short story in called "Lolita". To make matters worse, the pseudonymous author of the story, Heinz von Lichberg, later became a Nazi journalist. The Nabokov family has rejected claims of plagiarism, but the literary world is abuzz with debate over the muddled distinctions beteen reference, intertextuality, borrowing, and theft.
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