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December 25, 2004

What is happening to me? "My name is Kirk Thomson. I am 31 years old, live in Brooklyn New York, and work at Reel Life video on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. In late September of 2004, I was attacked and bitten by what seemed to be a large animal of some kind. I don't know what is happening to me." The blog of a guy who was...uh, bitten by a werewolf, documenting the transformation process. Funny and very cleverly executed. Start from the bottom (October) and read-up (through December, if you want).
Curious, George: holiday alone time Man, this sucks. This sucks really bad. Usually I'm with my family for this huge shindig on christmas eve but not this year. More inside. more inside
Merry Christmas: pump up the volume and let your yuletide spirit roar (flash)

December 24, 2004

Asteroid coming close to earth on April 13, 2029. Merry Christmas everyone! Adding to the long list of things to be bummed about at holiday time, including war, famine, your mother in law, the rise of Paris Hilton, and the world running out of oil...now there's another thing to worry about for the next 25 years: a possible asteroid collision with earth. Asteroid 2004 MN4 is rated a 4 on the Torino Scale, evidently the first time in history that an asteroid has been rated higher than 1. But don't worry too much, chances are still 60 to 1 it won't hit. (Down from just 300 to 1 yesterday.)
The Santa Claus Timeline, and the corporate Christmas party as told my cocktails. Ho, ho, ho
Friday Flash Fun Most monkeys I'm sure remember Billy Joel's hit song "We Didn't Start The Fire" - it looks like someone's found images to go along with the words. [Flash - duh]
Birds do it... In South Africa, the Johannesburg zoo is going to artificially inseminate a pair of lesbian wattled cranes to help propagate the endagered species. Since the cranes are hard-wired for monogamy, the zookeepers decided they needed "to optimize the breeding potential."
City of Socks DATANG, China - You probably have never heard of this factory town in coastal China, and there is no reason why you should have. But it fills your sock drawer. Datang produces an astounding nine billion pairs of socks each year - more than one set for every person on the planet. People here fondly call it Socks City, and its annual socks festival attracts 100,000 buyers from around the world. more inside
we make money not art was to be my link goldmine. But since the guy has no comments on any of his facinating posts, I thought I'd help spread the word. more inside
Fifty ways To Eat Your Ramen ...more people really into Ramen. Includes Ramen poetry and Caramel Ramen on a Stick! Blame it all on Momofuku Ando. more inside
Is it just me or does todays Google look a little kinky?
The Complexity Zoo. For your recommended daily allowance of mathematical arcana.
Top 10 Most Rediculous Metal Pics of All Time. more inside

December 23, 2004

The One Where My Co-Workers Whipped it Out. Janis Hirsch's suit against "Friends" will go to the California Supreme Court. more inside
Merry Christmas America : A Front Yard View of the Holidays. For over 30 years Patoski, who sees holiday decorating as a "transitive form of folk art" has been documenting holiday displays across the U.S. more inside
Hey, scrubber! Expertly plucked eyebrows were raised when it was claimed that the modern British male had started behaving like a woman when it comes to personal grooming. more inside
There's nothing like live local TV. Windows Media video file.
Musical George: Is there a site analogous to rottentomatoes.com, but for CDs? That is, is there a site that summarizes the body of reviews for a given record? Also, feel free to share any other excellent music reference resources.
Pulp Xmas - Ok, I'm probly gonna blow it here, but, fuck, I thought this was funny. Stole it from Boing Boing, which I hate usually because it is an assholish wankety shit-suck-me blog of ego heads with zero talent, but I still thought it funny aside from the poorly dubbed soundtrack. A mash up of Rankin-Bass Rudolf shit avec Pulp Fiction. It requires Quicktime y'all more inside
Priorities, George? How to Spend the Money? In a purely hypothetical question, ahem, suppose you are a monkey with perennial money problems and you've just gotten an unexpected year end bonus? Which of the following options should/would you take in getting rid of this excess cash?(MI) more inside
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