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December 07, 2004

Ultimate housing failure (images). In 1956, 2870 apartments rose skyward in St. Louis. It was hailed as an incredibly forward-thinking model of public housing, and was Minoru Yamasaki's first big design before he moved on to create the WTC. Few could have guessed that the complex would become a dystopia that would result in its demolition 16 years later. Practically nothing is left of the site. Some called it a failed attempt to being NYC sociology to the Midwest, others called it a "disgraced monument to Bauhaus idealism".
Curious George: Online Newsreaders? Kottke's latest post reminded me that I need a newsreader for RSS feeds. I would prefer an online www-based one so I could set it up once and access it from home and work. more inside
Have a banana. Have another. A random generator of stylesheets. Some are interesting, others...well. more inside
Santa Claus - one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.
Monkey Fruit Munching A monkey sits in offers and sips a can of coke in Lopburi, Thailand, Sunday Nov,28, 2004 during Monkey festival. Hooray! Lots of our furry siblings making with the monkey magic!
lambert, Hendricks & Rossish Curious George I’m designing a play and there is a reference that a google search only returns my question back at me. more inside
I clawed out my eyes, but I can still see! "FOR THE MAN who loves the feel of lycra spandex on his body." Never has so much been presented less pleasingly. [via jwz]
John Coltrane's composition "Giant Steps" forms both a ditone and quadratone progression between the key centers of B, Eb and G. Uh, right. Don't know nothing about Jazz but when you play this little animation, you can see there's some wicked structure underneath it all. (via Waxy)
God knows I love car culture. Except for the part where NO. A celebration of ricey cars.
Inquisitive Imp: Pornography Club. Some enterprising members of my school just started a pornography club, for fun and laughs and for the promotion of openess about our disgusting barbie doll-like-bodies. I was wondering if any monkeys had any input about what sort of things we could do to promote this club to make it as inclusive and fun as possible. more inside
Curious George: Who has the most annoying neighbors? Tis the season - commiserate! You aren't the only grinch.
The Great Ape Project. "The idea is radical but simple: to include the non-human great apes within the community of equals by granting them the basic moral and legal protection that only human beings currently enjoy." [Via Changesurfer.]

December 06, 2004

Curious, George: Cats and vision loss I am getting two cats on Saturday. One of them has had a pretty rough life - due to acid being poured in her eyes when she was an 8 week old kitten, she is missing one eye and the other is cloudy but can see. But how will I know if it gets worse? more inside
Can't be Gay in the Military.... 12 servicemen/women have been discharged from the military because, in once case a lesbian told her C.O. she was gay, and in another one, a serviceman was seen holding another man's hand. I've tried to stay out of this debate, but now that the U.S. army is so short on soldiers that tours of duty are being extended (and, for some, not happily), I think it's simply ridiculous. more inside
Curious George: Help me wire my house for sound. I am a boring middle-aged professional type who has slowly fallen out of the habit of listening to music, and I want to reverse this life-denying trend! [+]
"...and discover that the latest images of the stars confirm an all powerful Creator, not a random bang!" The Creation Museum. Look at all those lovely dinosaurs... lovely. Via those BoingBoing heathens. more inside
Bloody Hell! (skating .mov link via Bifurcated Rivets
Curious, George: Beer Labels I'm collecting the wonderful beer bottle labels I am finding on all these wonderful new microbrews that are appearing in my remote neck of the woods. Does anyone have a method of removing them from the bottle that is better than soaking?
Japanese Know-How. While in some countries sex education consists of telling people condoms can't help with AIDS, or that it's spread by sweat and other casual contact, Japan in the 1950s was puliblishing how-to manuals starting at the proper hand holding to more, uh, advanced techniques. [NSFW] more inside
Language, music, and animals. Huzzah! more inside
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