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December 02, 2004

Sock Full Of Bees - A game for all the family! Quicktime required. Not all that great, really. I only posted it because it has the words 'sock' & 'bees' in it... Fuck I am depressed. Please kill me. NSFW
Finally.. OK Canucks... Start Christmas Shoppin.. more inside
Curious Monkey: Shared Houses vs. Apartments I've lived in a couple of shared houses since 1986, with various ups and downs. On one hand, I've been lucky enough to be in a situation where my monthly outlay for rent is far below what others might pay in a rental situation, or even a home ownership situation. Currently I live in a five-bedroom two story turn of the century arts-and-crafts style bungalow in Seattle and pay $150.00 a month. There are minuses, of course; getting some housemates to clean up after themselves can be a bit frustrating, but all in all it's a pleasant experience with a caring owner that does a pretty good job of keeping the place in serviceable shape. What's your story? Would you ever consider house sharing? What would be your ideal situation?
Curious George: I got myself a moving violation. Earlier this evening I entered an intersection to turn left. The stoplight was yellow when I entered the intersection. Next thing I know, I have to pay the state of Connecticut $114. [more inside] more inside
Blunkett's Britain. David Blunkett has been the driving force behind some the most sweeping, repressive laws and policies sweeping Britain under the auspices of the so-called war on terror, as well as a miscellany of immigrant-bashing; this is one journo's encounter with some of his representitives. Of course, Mr Blunkett himself appears to consider rules as being something for others to follow. more inside
Why I'm going to be posting here again
America: #$@@ Yeah. Now this is something everyone can get behind, 'cause it brings the best of the best OF THE BEST together. Whip out your oversized foam fingers, your remote, and your Olestra Pringles. This is what democracy looks like. Take that, terrorists!

December 01, 2004

Curious George - Searching for a College I'm in a quandry monkeys, its December and I still don't know where I want to go to college. more inside
Brighten the corners: ABC's "Wife Swap" is "eager to feature a family headed by parents who are raising their children without imposing religious beliefs on them". Mom will go join a fundamentalist (assumedly Christian) household, while their mother joins yours. Want to show the world that non-believers can be just as moral and good as believers, if not moreso? And make money doing it? ("Bright" is an attempt at linguistic hijacking on the part of famed evolution advocate and Oxford scientistafessor Richard Dawkins, meant to re-brand people who don't believe in God.)
The Paradox of Language Okay I just couldn't take it anymore. Selfishly ripped from the dirty hands of the blue, carried excitedly back to the Monkeyhaus to be gigglingly rocked back and forth with. more inside
Chunky orange hell unleashed from above or afar. A single pumpkin impact sounds like a distant mortar round. [via Hit and Run]
Peanut Butter and Jelly of the Month Club. Warning: Annoying flash intro. But cool idea for a yearlong gift!
Curious George: Whats the stoopedest theeng yoov evar don? Inspired by this. I think many people have been candidates for the Darwin Awards, but have lived through their stupidity by sheer luck. more inside
Rock on, Rock ON! How's your balance? Or balancing even? Either way, I'll wager it's not as good as Bill Dan's. However he is willing, it seems, to teach his skills to us mere mortals. more inside
P&P! No mention of rabbits, then? Too late!! A Pinch and a punch for the first of the month, and no returns!! :-P Some take this stuff pretty seriously. Sometimes it's just a downer.
ALICE. She wants to talk to you.
A Generation Weighed Down by Debt. Does this story hit home for you? (Also: Are non-USian monkeys in the same up-the-creek-without-a-paddle boat as many younger Americans are?)
Bananaguard. For the monkey who has everything.
Frustratingly Fun and Challenging Puzzles My girlfriend stumbled across these and got me hooked on them. Now I shall pass this ever so procrastination-worthy material onto my fellow monkeys
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