October 20, 2004

Bush Receives Endorsement From Iran From the article: TEHRAN, Iran - The head of Iran's security council said on Tuesday the re-election of President Bush (news - web sites) was in Tehran's best interests, despite the administration's axis of evil label, accusations that Iran harbors al-Qaida terrorists and threats of sanctions over the country's nuclear ambitions. more inside

October 17, 2004

Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis A hummable (no pun intended) little diddy from Eric Schwartz. Needless to say, NSFW. Quicktime link.

October 15, 2004

Aronose Doesn't this thing remind you of that device Steve Martin's character in The Jerk invented? What would you use this for?

October 14, 2004

The 3rd and Final Debate Once again, I guess I will be the one to post this. Let's post the running commentaries here.

October 09, 2004

Curious George Actually, I'm not to certain if it was a crash or monkeybashi just switched servers, hosting accounts or what, but when I do a search for stuff posted before this week I come up empty. Did we lose if for good, or is that precious treasure which is mofi past coming back?
the debate Who's gonna watch. If her highness monkeybashi doesn't mind, let's post the running comentaries here.

October 05, 2004

Grossed Out George Sorry, this is my second post of the day, but something really strange just happened to me. I had just pulled some laundry out of my dryer and put in in a pile on my living room carpet. After about a half an hour I came back and was in the process of folding it when underneath it I found small white worms, more or less the size of fly maggots. I had had my carpet recently cleaned, and it is only a year old, but I do live in an old apartment building in Hollywod from the 1920. It has a crawl space underneath the wooden floors. I haven't smelled anything rank, but could these little creatures be coming up from something festering below? Could they be termite larva? The building has had termite infestations before, but I never knew of termite larva erupting from carpet. Sorry if this is run on and rambling, but it really creeped me out. No jokes about my underwear please. And yes Nostrildamus, I had socks in my laundry.
The Grateful, and Sexy Dead The photos in the news of the recently departed (RIP) Janet Leigh in the shower sequence of Psycho with her lips so slightly parted, made me think of incredibly sexy she was in her prime. This brings me to my question. Of all the dead movie stars and celebrities, who stirs your loins? I will also admit to having a "thang" for Ingrid Bergman and Clara Bow among several others. Come on, tell the truth.
How gay can you be? Rancho Calamari is 46% gay! Isn't that just fabulous?!?!

October 01, 2004

curious george - who's gonna watch the debates? just kinda, you know, curious...

September 27, 2004

Buffalo Church Opens Own SUBWAY Restaurant "How does eat and worship sound to you. A Buffalo Church is the first church in America to open it's own Subway Restaurant."
"What If Bush Wins" by a panel of 16 experts Some of these are rather thought provoking. Thought you monkeys might find them interesting.

September 25, 2004

Anti-Corporate George Hello Monkeys! I don't know if this is kosher or not to put on monkeyfilter, but have a favor to ask. Peet's Coffee is trying to put a new shop in on the real estate of what is one of the best vintage hamburger stands in Los Angeles, Irv's Burgers on Santa Monica and Sweetzer. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and feel like writing an email of support to West Hollywood city hall, I'd appreciate it. more inside

September 15, 2004

A medical cause for 'Bushisms'? "Why does Bush sound stupid? One doctor thinks he shows signs of "presenile dementia," or an early onset of Alzheimer's disease."

September 14, 2004

boogie in the butt... I mean buff "As dress codes go, the new rules for the Allen Roc discotheque could not be simpler - leave your clothes behind. All of them. The club has organised what it claims is Europe's first nudist disco night, telling bouncers not to admit the bashful and only those prepared to boogie in the buff." I'm assuming touch dancing is ok?

September 13, 2004

Curious George - Music for a documentary? Howdy all. I have been directing, shooting and editing a documentary tentatively titled "Women Warriors - Daughter's of Athena" which explores the changing rolls of women in American military and society. We are now trying to raise outside funding for it. For that purpose I am cutting a promotional piece for it and am looking for some cool thematic music for it. Any suggestions? more inside

September 12, 2004

No Disputing It: Blogs Are Major Players From the LA Times, registration required. more inside

September 07, 2004

Historians vs. George W. Bush From the article: "Although his approval ratings have slipped somewhat in recent weeks, President George W. Bush still enjoys the overall support of nearly half of the American people. He does not, however, fare nearly so well among professional historians. A recent informal, unscientific survey of historians conducted at my suggestion by George Mason University’s History News Network found that eight in ten historians responding rate the current presidency an overall failure."

September 06, 2004

Hell House Spoof To Be Staged In LA "Hell House, the controversial morality play first staged at a suburban church for Halloween, is set to be spoofed in a new stage production in Los Angeles starting Aug. 28. With Bill Maher playing Satan and Andy Richter as Jesus, the play will use the original play's script and special effects "to lampoon (Christian) fundamentalist beliefs about hell", producer Maggie Rowe said Monday" more inside

September 03, 2004

Curious George - Which of my daughers are mo hotta? Ok kids, now is the time for a bit of irreverence about W and his campaign's putting the Bushettes on display. Which one is the foxier republican Barbie Doll? I vote for the brunette.
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