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I'm also livii on MeFi (no longer used) and LJ (best place to find me).
Links to all my posts follow, to maintain some history (even though there are some I'd rather forget).
Dasani - naivE? (This was my first link anywhere ever, please forgive me.)
Life or Death Cards (That joker was a smoker.)
[elaqtoq mi'jan] (about the Mi'kmaq.)
Bully Baboons Learn Peace, Tolerance, Sing Kumbaya (Some monkey research.)
Hamlet, the Text Adventure (This REWLS.)
The World's Smallest Public Cinema (I got the inspiration for this one from katemonkey on MeFi/LJ - thanks!)
The Italian Campaign (WWII - Remembrance Day post, x-posted to MeFi.)
One Word, Sixty Seconds, Go (I'd like to point out I got this one first, even though the later double post didn't get deleted. Heh.)
Elevator Moods (Short films.)
Ottawa Meetup! (Herein starts my meetup spamming.)
Reminder: Ottawa Meetup! (Two posts without links - argh. Sorry.)
Ottawa Meetup Pics (My third and final post about the meetup. Seriously, it was overkill, I know. This one had photos, though!)
Frog Hospital Croaks (I didn't make up that joke but I like the header I thought up.)
The Time Traveler's Convention (so far no future visitors, but someday...)
The Adventures of Biggles (Biggles, Biggles, he's our man, if he can't do it, no one can!)
The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations (Just a cool little link and following story, especially for writers.)
Same-sex marriage legislation passes! (I was drunk, and happy, and don't regret this post one bit.)
The World Challenge (An interesting little competition regarding sustainable, community-based development and innovation.)
First World AIDS Day (As in the first AIDS Day in the 1980s, not "First World" AIDS Day. Interesting CBC clips on a sad day).
Snakes on a Phone! (Yeah, I post for the first time in almost a year and it's viral marketing stolen from MeFi. But it was cool!)
Quixotry (365 points) (The highest scoring Scrabble game ever - 365 points for one word, 830 points by a single player, 1,320 points for the game - hot damn).
Help Rick Mercer Help Stop Malaria (Spread the Net - bednets against malaria - as endorsed by Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, Rick Mercer, and Belinda Stronach).
Archie Comics 'updated' (New art style and format for Archie Comics; yes, I love them, and the new style stinks).
Obama's Playlist (Voting for the top 49 songs to represent Canada on Obama's first visit)
Book Cover Archive (Judging books by their covers!)
If you notice that the numbers don't add up, there was one permanently eeked post (as in, completely deleted) and I do believe that makes up the last one. The details surrounding that post do not need to be rehashed here; suffice to say Corey Feldman was involved.

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