March 18, 2004

Life or Death Cards Playing cards to warn of the dangers of drugs and smoking. The Death on Drugs cards, like this one, are actually beautiful, in a hideously gothic way.

They might not, however, be the perfect tool, as suggested by this "testimonial": I met Timmy while doing volunteer work at an after school program for disadvantaged children. I soon took a liking to this youngster who, while at first glance seeming to be petty tyro, could rip bongs with the best of them. But he no longer has need for bong rips, thanks to your ingenious cards, which were the key to him overcoming his addiction. After teaching Timmy Texas Hold-em, the game caught on like wildfire and he was soon betting his lunch/drug money away against the other children. It is evident that Timmy's drug addiction was subverted by a severe gambling problem, which has, luckily, saved his life.

  • Drugs and Smoking, you've finally met your match!
  • They wouldn't be the perfect tools for other reasons as well: they're inaccurate and misleading. I'll just comment on the 'acid' card: Physical Symptoms - Synaesthesia (smell colors, see sounds), psychosis, anxiety, bizarre behavior, aggression and severe depression From Dr. Sidney Cohen's 1960 survey of 5000 patients given LSD, rate of psychosis is 0.9/1000 sessions. I don't know where the 'severe depression' bit creeps up from. I've never experienced a depression during an acid trip or even after, let alone a severe one. But this is an anecdotal case, so I'll let it pass. Some of the symptoms in other cards are baffling, like "false euphoria". What's false euphoria?
  • 'False euphoria' would make an interesting addition for an ingredient in a wizard's spell, or the name of a plant in an octopup's garden, or even an entry in The Herbal of Imaginary Plants, I think.
  • Well, it's been my experience that the way to replace one addiction is through another I feel better about. Not a bad thing, particularly.
  • I haven't clicked on the link yet and already I'm laughing my ass of! I'll take 'false euphoria' over no euphoria any day. Now that I've taken a look, I like the Crack card.