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May 22, 2008

Moms may be using 21st centuries methods to correspond with their kids, but apparently, it hasn't changed them. Much. A bit late for Mothers Day, but I found this too sweet and funny not to share.

May 21, 2008

The Real Life Lessons Of WoW's Corrupted Blood One of the game's bosses infected players in his immediate vicinity with a disease called "Corrupted Blood," intended merely as a short-term, short-range annoyance - but afflicted players were able to teleport back to large population centers, effectively starting a quick-spreading epidemic, leaving central hubs littered with bones and covered in blood as players dropped dead left and right. Normal gameplay was massively disrupted. Players panicked, both in the game and on message boards, wondering whether the outbreak was intentional or an accident. It mirrored real-world epidemics in numerous ways: it originated in a remote, uninhabited region and was carried by travelers to urban centers; hosts were both human and animal, such as with avian flu; it was spread by close spatial contact; and there were asymptomatic individuals - in this case, invulnerable NPCs. more inside
Cyberium is a truly amazing site that reveals layers and hierarchies of mind boggling, morphing imagery administered by, dare I say it? a genius! more inside
Synesthesia . . I has it. Any like experienced Monkeys?
epicurious george: bean salad I want your recipes for simple bean salads. more inside
Demented Buick Boffer - the man who shags sedans, rogers runabouts. He fucks cars, people! The Cortina Casanova.

May 20, 2008

Afraid to be thin. Happy monkeys are happily fat. Lower class monkeys are neurotically thin. Until you give them the Great Equalizer: chocolate. more inside
Daily Telegraph journo Peter Foster blogs about life in a tiny New Zealand town.
The pro *always* gets the shot, even when the shot is of a javelin through his leg.
The second-best monkey-themed site on the web has returned.
Poached eyeballs Hope me get rid of my summer headaches please, oh kind and cross-eyed Monkeys! more inside
A picture's worth a thousand words. Russian dildocopter disrupts meeting. Damn, that was only four.

May 19, 2008

A picture's worth a thousand words. Pictures taken by a wedding photographer before, during, and after the massive earthquake in China. Talk about a wedding you'll never forget.
Alternative To Silicon Chip Invented By Student The new transistor uses a compound material known as gallium nitride (GaN), which has remarkable material properties.

May 18, 2008

Sente. Sente is a novel use for mobile phones; the informal practice of sending money via mobile phone minutes has evolved to allow money (albeit, small amounts) to be transferred from one place to another. Apparently first noted in Uganda, it is mentioned in passing here, as an intriguing example of how powerful networked communications can be, when suitably portable and accessible.

May 17, 2008

Make Your Last Stand- (Flash game) The dead have risen with a hunger for living flesh and it's only a matter of time before you and your companions fall beneath their inexorable onslaught. Your only hope is to make it to the coast before the last ship leaves for safer shores. Fight your way toward freedom, town by town. Spend your days scavenging for supplies, weapons and the occasional survivor willing to cast their lot with yours. Spend your nights defending the barricades from the Undead's endless assault. With careful (and lucky) searching, you'll soon have an arsenal of weapons ranging from compound bows to AK-47s and hand grenades to mow the bastards down and hold out long enough to see another sunrise.
Terry Fox' ride. More from the Good Karma Objects on Tour Dept.: the van from the Marathon of Hope. more inside
Rhymes for no reason

May 16, 2008

Things You Can't Do Coked Up (via MetaChat)
'Crazy Raspberry' Ants Swarm Over Texas Coast The invading ants, first discovered by (and named for) exterminator Tom Rasberry in 2002, are quickly becoming a serious pest (YouTube) due to their voracious appetite for electronics (also YouTube), sparking fears that they may interfere with Houston's Hobby Airport and the Johnson Space Center. They are pesticide resistant, form multi-queen "supercolonies", and are even out-competing (and eating) Texas' former invasive-species champion, the fire ant.
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