May 16, 2008

John Lennon's Piano Is On Tour
  • "Imagine" that!
  • I love the fact that it's not only being photographed in these locations, but also being played by people who (presumably) have a tie to that place and the incidents that took place there.
  • I had to google "bill clayton". Didn't know about that one. Thanks!
  • This is just the sort of thing he would have loved.
  • An upright piano? I would have thought that he would have sprung for a grand. Unless he had a tiny apartment which in NYC is always possible.
  • George Michael bought the Lennon piano at an auction in October 2000. Considered the most expensive piece of pop memorabilia, experts have estimated its value at US$8 million to $12 million. Michael and his partner, Kenny Goss, owner of Goss Gallery in Dallas, want to further strengthen the project’s peaceful message, by having “Imagine” performed on the piano at each stop. A video documentary and a published volume of the images are under development, with plans to donate proceeds to charity. Hell, I had no idea that George Michael bought this. Fantastic post, Petesies! Nice to see 'ya...
  • Great stuff, all 'round.
  • My opinion of George Michael has been greatly improved. Nice post petebest! With all the recent bad news, this was a nice change o' pace.
  • I drove past Lennon's old house this (and every) morning. Beat that, pop pickers. I did not see his baby grand.