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March 23, 2006

Lieberman Flips Out On Talk Radio Joementum may just of had his Howard Dean moment. more inside
The Kriegsmann Files

March 22, 2006

Anonymous, George: Why Won't He Wear The Ring? I'm completely confused as to why my spouse has taken his ring off and won't wear it. We've been married a little over a year. He wore it for about a month. There's no possibility of cheating, and there's sincere love & a solid commitment to our shared future. more inside
Want to be on "Jeopardy!"? Think you could be the next Ken Jennings, but can't make it to the contestant auditions? It's big news: next week Jeopardy! will have its first ever online test. Strict time zone start times to be observed. Register here. FAQ here.
Texas Police Go Into 36 Bars , Arrest Patrons For Being Drunk. more inside
Human powered motorhead The Ace of Spades [15 MB Quicktime, loud music, headbanging kids and marionets] via
Curious George CX 2 This consists of two asinine questions to which I'd like the answers: more inside
"History is different in them places, you know." An interview with Billy Bragg, ostensibly about his new box set, but really about girls and politics. Mostly politics. more inside
Znet:A Community of People Committed to Social Change Regular articles from the likes of Chomsky(previously linked), Solomon and Palast on everything from the war in Iraq, eyewitness accounts of the recent French riots, economic issues, and information on upcoming actions. Not a USian? The site takes great pains to affect a global outlook. more inside
152 resources for Online Tools, Generators, Checkers - HTML & CSS Validation & formatting, image & favicon tools, text generators, RSS feed generators, encryption & search tools... masses of stuff. Oozing with usefulness. Voom.
2-inch (and smaller) books
How To Be A Spiritual Atheist. Can it be done? Sort of related - Ignosticism, something new to me, at least.
Shame A rant via dailykos more inside
Kaiju Big Battel Videos!
Say hello to Fordham Spire

March 21, 2006

Why 70's variety shows don't exist anymore. Or, why 70's variety shows should be resurrected! Man, does Bing Crosby look like he's on autopilot or what? (via the awesome, graphics-heavy Bedazzled)
The biggest collection of full cigarette packs in the world (according to Igor anyway). Search by country, check out the numbers collected from each brand or just browse the collection. more inside
OCLC's Open WorldCat is an interesting new way to search for library materials, using the Google, Google Scholar and Yahoo! search engines. The interface still needs some tweaking, but the service itself looks pretty promising.
Curious George, what is the new middle aged? Curiouser and curiouser. Have spent a lot of my day dealing with women i know are in there 50's and being very unkind about their obvious plastic surgery......(not so unkind about their obvious attraction to very attractive and available younger men.....) I am curious - when i was 25 i thought i would bew asking this question at around 35 or so find myself at 39 and still asking when is middle age in the general view - obviously i am pushing it as far back as possible but simpered endearingly when told i not a day over 32 today!!!!! *secret gloat laugh and know totally untrue!* Just wondered when it hit - for me childless and unmarried although partner3d - does ths make a difference as well? more inside
The Poezenboot (cat boat) : two barges moored on Amsterdam's Singel Canal are cat houses. No, real cats. more inside
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