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March 05, 2006

You: Gorgeous. Me: A Gamer... "I’m pretty sure if I can just pay you for that drink that we will soon be making hot monkey love back at my apartment. However, I am disappointed at how much dating is already costing me, and how many obstacles one must overcome to simply buy a girl a drink..."
Bizarro, I love you.
I made an egg for you. Bawk Bawk!
I'm a lunatic. I scare people. Out of boredom and the attempt to be the first to do SOMEthing, I typed weirdo into Google and hit "I'm feeling lucky" This is what I got. Muahahahahahaaaaaa......
Political video games against the dictatorship of entertainment. (Old but never posted before, possibly NSFW, and via BB.)
Left Behind, page by page Blogger Slacktivist has been doing a weekly series on the first Left Behind book for almost two-and-a-half years and one hundred posts now, going page by page and noting the inconsistencies, poor storytelling and even poorer theology (he's a liberal Christian). Earlier posts are at the bottom of the linked page.

March 04, 2006

Incredibly bold opinion offered on Al-Jazeera Dr. Wafa Sultan is a Syrian expatriate and psychologist. In this video, she offers up an incredibly brave statement on Al-Jazeera television that the extremist Muslims must learn to co-exist with the West, rather than attempt to convert-or-exterminate them. It's about 5 mins long, but well worth the watch.
Crazy-Ass Juggling 1)Click on Link 2)Click on Must See Finale 3)Watch 4)Praise.

March 03, 2006

Friday Flash Fun - Splash Back Drop the drips on the dots and splash lots of splots across game tops. totally not ripped off from MeFi more inside
Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. Christians are finally getting a high-caliber shoot-'em-up videogame of their own.
Political George - How do I get past the gate keepers in DC? Rancho Calamari Productions is starting up a new documentary project and we'd like to get interviews with a bunch of mucky-mucks in Washington DC, but I can't seem to get past their "people" in their offices. Anyone have experience in this? more inside
McCartney visits ice floes. Unfortunately, not abandoned there. By appearing on Larry King to defend the seal hunt, Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams a) gives Macca the attention he was after all along, and b) legitimizes a celebrity's opinion as having authority of any kind whatsoever simply by virtue of his fame. Way to go, Danny-boy.
European females evolved blonde hair and blue eyes through fierce competition over the few males who survived mammoth hunting. Wouldn't polygamy have been easier?
This is catchy and weirdly inspirational. With the emphasis on "weird." But I dig it!
And pinch your nipples! But don't pinch others!
Now Gouge Out Your Eyes! It's THE HOFF!! Pepsi! EVIIIIIIL WARNING: Contains Hasselhoff

March 02, 2006

Fool Your Eyes A collection of (mostly) interesting optical illusions. Cue theremin!
Dear Kind Sir, I am writing to you from Nigeria You know those emails asking for help to free millions of dollars that you avoid cuz yer smart? This guy wasn't. Oh, and impeach Bush. The fucker.
Curious, George: Charity So the wife and I are looking to choose a charity or charities to donate some dough, given our recent success, and I want your recommendations of worthy organizations. I have only a few constraints: more inside
Ice Worms. 'Kind of hot right now.'
Chocolate milk. The new sports drink. I told ya!
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