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February 14, 2006

Curious George: When to Tell the Old Boss he's the Old Boss For a couple of different reasons, I'm looking for a new job. more inside
Cupidinous George - Will you be my Valentine? My secret Monkey crush? more inside

February 13, 2006

Storyboredom I'll let them describe this in their own words. Enjoy. "We are storyboard artists in animation. During the course of production millions of sketches are produced. Some are used but most are not. These are the ones that "got away" and scribbly scribbles deemed not worthy for prime time."
Valentine's Day Fun Pak So I didn't have a coherent FPP, but for Valentine's Day You could make a Candy heart, you could Keep the shagging alive or just check out this nifty huge, lily-scented worm. Baby.
Curious George - Mac Repair Hi monkeys, Long time no see. I've got a 14" Mac IBook and one of the USB ports became wrenched and now is useless. I kinda need the port as when I use a USB hub it slows down my scanner and creates a hassle at work. When I took it into the Mac authorized repair shops they told me that I needed to replace my entire logic board which would cost around $600-$700. Ouch! more inside
If you like the space exploration this link is for you. One of the Mars rovers finally reached a site of great interest on the Red Planet. Little is known about the area designated home plate in the Gusev crater. The site is of such impressive beauty and mystery several NASA geeks were quoted as saying "WOW" or even "HOLY TOLEDO"
Just in time for Valentine's Day: The Sexy Name Decoder From the same folks who brought you the original, crunchy Cyborg Name Decoder and the not-as-funky Monster Name Decoder. more inside
I'm just lovin' all the wags jumping on the Dick Cheney Shoots Lawyer easy comedy bandwagon. And tonight, we get to see the same topic as handled by the master.
The Ultimate Field Guide to the U.S. Economy - great fun and facts about how we Enjoy. Coca-Cola. And top 10 reasons why diamonds are a girls best friend! All kinds of fun in the spirit of Freakonomics.
SPLINK The film dates from 1976 and stars the late Jon Pertwee, then just two years after having left the role of Doctor Who. He is essentially playing the same part, though - a curious uncle figure who is explaining the world to his young charges. Unfortunately the message of this film seems so complicated one almost needs the Tardis's translation software to understand what he's going on about. {this is for all the Dr.Who fans}
Daggy old news I am old and daggy. Have some daggy old news about rude words in lollies.
The first few microseconds of an atomic explosion. Three photos of the first moments after an atomic bomb goes off, captured on film by Harold Edgerton. Edgerton is best known for his pioneering work in stroboscopic photography, with his most well-known photo being Milk Drop Coronet, which has inspired many.
A cut-out paper camera known as Dirkon - the story of a functional pinhole camera made of stiff paper, designed for 35 mm film in Communist Czechoslovakia during the dark times of the 1970s when taste was forgot. Download the PDF plans & instructions, if you desire, in heady expectation of successful assembly and the creation of an estate of your own Dirkon neo 70's Czech pr0n art shots to hand down to oblivious, tenaciously apathetic crotch fruit.
Uglymatic more inside

February 12, 2006

They are making yet another Rocky movie!? Have they no shame? What's wrong with these people? more inside
Tenori-On Media artist Toshio Awai and Yamaha have collaborated to develop a new digital musical instrument. A 16*16 matrix of LED switches allows everyone to play music intuitively, creating a "visible music" interface (Vide demonstration)
Animated Kinky Friedman For Governor Ad Obviously, this is more pertinent for the Texan Monkeys among us, but I think the rest of you may find it entertaining, nonetheless.
Arabs take over at 6 US Ports Bush helps incubate another 9/11: WASHINGTON — A company in the United Arab Emirates is poised to take over significant operations at six American ports as part of a corporate sale, leaving a country with ties to the Sept. 11 hijackers with influence over a maritime industry considered vulnerable to terrorism. more inside

February 11, 2006

Oooh!! Secret Passageways for your home! But turn off the music on this page before you get the creepies.
It's food world! more inside
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