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November 24, 2006

Had any lately ? There should be a few freaky ones around MoFi, or are there?
The worst-designed webpage. ever. And I dare you challenge my claim.
Ten outsider artists (Flash)
Falling down Remember that busload of kids that pitched off an overpass in Huntsville, Alabama? Four of them died, and now the Westboro Baptist Church is picketing their funerals today (Friday). Although Phelps' minions will be kept two blocks from the services, the local Unitarian Universalist church will try to deal with them peacefully by accepting pledges for every hour that Phelps is out there. more inside

November 23, 2006

The police appear to have trouble finding recruits who have interests other than beating the shit out of anything that moves. more inside
New technology catches Hitler off guard "I understand you didn't like the movie last night," he says. "I know what you want. You want Gone with the Wind." more inside
Will it blend?

November 22, 2006

Big Stranger Rodeo For those of us who weren't exposed to this UK telly show, here's a (YouTube, yep) look at the fine art of leaping onto the backs of humans and hanging on for dear life. Don't click, GramMa! more inside
I'll wash your mouth out with "Stephanie"... Say "hand me the screwdriver" to a lexical-gustatory synesthete, and his mouth may be filled with the taste of strawberry ice cream. Lucky bastards. more inside
What's your favorite watering hole? Link to a real watering hole. In Africa. Live. With video and sound. And real animals. Best viewing times are dusk and dawn, Africa time (I think it's +7 hours from CST). via
6000 members!
Visionary Film Maker Robert Altman Dead at 81 more inside
Curious, George: Writing shower invites: I need help with "touchy" bridal shower invitation wording. more inside
Me and my pet rhino. Ah.
"One" a la Bank of America. [YouTube] Recorded live at a Bank of America seminar: Two guys in ties turn U2's song into an homage to a corporate merger. more inside
Corset of steel Talented man makes metal corset for elegant friend. She includes pictures of antique steel corsets on here. more inside
The Uncoscious Art of Demolition showcases the best in the architecture of absence, ghost buildings and demolition patchwork. Originally inspired by the work of Jose Antonio Millan.
Most requested songs at funerals. What would you want played at your funeral?
SkyMaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From a Plane Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Travails Travels. more inside
What if Stan Lee worked for Jack Chick? Excelsior!!!
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