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November 08, 2006

Dukakis In A Tank As the votes are counted from todays USA mid-term elections, and inspired by this Simpsons episode, why not take a moment to remember how a single photo-op can affect a campaign. more inside

November 07, 2006

The site Quick Muse done lit the fuse. It's flexy, it's crammin', it's elision, it's punctuation and hoo diggity. That's fleet erudition to me. Via. (Also, no apologies to Steven Tyler.)
Jim Kalb's Palindrome Connection Palindromes a little linguistic limberness, you monkeys may be able to get your simian brain around, and distract you from the election. Here is some previous monkey chatter on the subject. more inside
Variations on the Baritone Horn and the Euphonium
Walken to play Ozzy!!! W. T. F
Gods of Japan A photo library and dictionary with emphasis on Japanese Buddhism and Shintoism. more inside
Okay, so first of all, the Duchess of York has a weblog. Yes. She really, really does. And if that isn't amusing (it isn't, it's mostly a little disturbing), then be amused by the brilliant use of tags on the Amazon page for Kevin Federline's new album. I hear the reviews are also amusing, in an igry sort of way.
Pronto Condoms When you absolutely, positively must have safe sex immediately.
US Monkeys: Don't Forget to Vote! Here are 5 things you need to know on voting day (.pdf link). Here's information about how or where to vote, what to do if you have trouble voting, and information about your local candidates. more inside

November 06, 2006

Crissy Moran [NSFW] after losing her boyfriend and suffering a "mini stroke" turns her life back to God. Succinct and provocative, the story of her life [SFW] is written as explanation to her fans. more inside
WWII Focke-Wulf Fw 190 wreck discovered off Norway - colour pictures of the recovery. This kite hit the drink off Bergen in Norway on 15 December 1943, only to return to the surface on November 2nd 2006. The pilot apparently survived the crash. Verbl├╝ffen! more inside
Curious, George: Birthday Theme Help me pick a theme for my 25th Birthday more inside
Historical Fiction: How do medieval-themed restaurants get it [so] wrong? via Steve.
About Those Dimples ... Helpful measures for wine-bibbers. more inside
Radio Expedition Into Ancient Egyptian Garbage What would you expect to find among the papyrii that were discovered in an ancient Egyptian landfill? Can you say Porn? What about alternative interpretations of the Bible (The number of the beast isn't 666, btw, ymmv). This downloadable radio show (available in whole or in part) is an entertaining listen, and you just might learn something. Like what ancient porn sounds like.
The Cat's House. And you thought your cat ruled the roost...
Octopus: Genius of the deep - New research has shown that octopuses and their relatives, the goat, are far more intelligent than previously thought. Proposals are being drawn up in the EU to offer octopuses and their kind the same protection in laboratories as monkeys. more inside
Abu Kahleel is an Iraqi blogger that I've linked to before. He has another blog which is more political: called Iraqi Letters. more inside
Sushi, a japanese tradition. Japanese Culture Lab documents the rich traditions of Japan. [VIA transbuddha.com] more inside
The Most Dangerous Game -- It was banned before the turn of the century, but the devotion of a rebellious people continue to carry on its deadly traditions. Will the practice ever be banished completely, or will some rogue nation be bold enough to bring it back? more inside
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