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December 29, 2005

Video Killed The YTMND Star - a mashup of ytmnd fads set to that Buggles tune that you will now have in your head all day. Requires FLASH
Sand+water+salt+oil. Mix in some Java and you have a nice time waster (you must scroll down a little once you get to the page). more inside
Mouse Wars. [flash] No need to click -- just point. Don't leave the white box. Via ABS. more inside

December 28, 2005

What I heard about Iraq. An essay of all the embarassing statements and actions regarding Iraq in 2005. As you can imagine, it's quite long, but it's also well written, and sobering.
Treasure Box flash puzzle is a whimsical little puzzle where you have to manipulate things in a weird little environment.
Instant Euphoria at the Push of a Button - Electrical Stimulation of the Brain.

December 27, 2005

CG: Mac Mystery Excel Bell? I'm temping at a design shop that uses Macs (OS 9 on this one) and I cannot for the life of me figure out where a random bell noise is coming from. more inside
Top Mugshots. The Smoking Gun has posted its top 15 favorite mugshots of the year. more inside
Curious, Gerorge: Phtoshop actions I'm trying to resize a batch of images, which should be very simple... more inside

December 26, 2005

It's Boxing Day here in Canada, and in many other countries. Another day off and time to hit the stores for the big sales. Or maybe just chill out and relax before New Year's. more inside
Captain Godfrey Rodrigues teaches us Correct Posture - you don't need to try muscle building or learn circus stunts to stay fit - just maintain correct posture! Via Spermulated Digits
Small Ads from the UK
Down with noise before it destroys civilization.

December 25, 2005

Rip DVD Movies To Your iPod Free -For all the monkies that got a video iPod. Any other useful iPod tips, guides, programs?
Court: feds don't need probable cause to track your physical location via cell grid Apparently we also need to be tracked as well...
"What does leather do to you?" Links to a .wmv file. (SFW)
NYTimes is reporting that the NSA has been logging your calls for years Just trying to stir up some outrage. via that blue site, boingboing, the nether-regions of google and fox news, others
TBS has started their annual 24-hour showing of A Christmas Story. Curious to see if a decent DVD of it had been released, I went to Amazon and found out that some people have no sense of humor at all... A Christmas Story is grim and depressing? Unfunny? Have these people grown up in a world of rainbows and unicorns? Your thoughts on A Christmas Story?

December 24, 2005

A little humor..If it doesn't make you laugh, nothing will! I swear never to link to a google video again, but I couldn't resist this one.. enjoy!
Looking for Santa? You can now use Google Earth to track Santa, or, if you are old fashioned, you can still use Norad to track his path. more inside
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