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March 31, 2005

Curious George: Big Netowork/Server Problem Note to self: Studying for the MCSA does not equal expertise with servers. please help more inside
Question for Webmonkeys I am yet again running into the same cascading style sheet problem with my footer... more inside
R.I.P. Mitch Hedberg One of the best new comedians has passed away according to Comedy Central. Discussed previously here, a Wiki page has more. more inside
Pebblez people. "These toys are made of real stone. This means that they are very heavy and do contain some sharp edges. Some of the Pebblez people contain small parts. These are not intended for small children."
I'm wearing my boots of escaping [embedded wmv]
For when your dog is, like, totally the wrong colour. Try this cats, I dares ya!
Dr Johnson, A to Z For the 250th anniversary of Dr Johnson's dictionary. more inside
Complex Anime Origami. Photos of 3d sculptures of anime characters, made of paper. Some are pretty risque (and furry). The level of detail makes it look like these are huge, almost life size, but this one is sitting on top of a DVD case. Some of these would freak me out a little if they weren't so amazing. (site is in japanese, and geocities. Even so, it's worth looking at) more inside
Flickr Related Tag Browser lets you surf Flickr's 'tag space'. Flickr tags are keywords used to classify images. Each tag has a associated list of 'related' tags, based on clustered usage analysis. [flash]
Rude food I'm not normally one for chuckling at Chinglish, but this is a spectacularly bad effort (and NSFW).
Crackerjack maps. Based on lenticular printing. Via the blue's agatha_magatha. more inside
The personality of Adolph Hitler. A rare 1943 psychological analysis of the personality of Adolph Hitler that predicted, among other things, his eventual suicide -- is now available on the Cornell Law Library's Web site.
What's in a face? What do your facial characteristics reveal about your behaviour? your earning potential? your politeness? Upload a photo for your free facial analysis! more inside
Poll: Most Americans are Anti-Nuke Radicals. Two-thirds of Americans say no nation should have nuclear weapons, including the U.S. more inside
Monkey pay-per-view When given the choice, thirsty monkeys will choose to look at images of the dominant members of their pack rather than taking a drink of their favorite beverage, cherry juice. Apparently this justifies Paris Hilton's celebrity. In other news, male monkeys are willing to pay lots of juice to see female monkey butts.
Immersive meetup?/Curious Drunk Zimf Inversive meetup?/Curious Drunk Zimf - Tie-in for vague impromptu London meetup for the slackers amongst us... [more inside] more inside
WWIII: Missed it by THAT much! When? September 26, 1983
President Bush and Dick Cheney go at it -- Harlequin Romance Style.

March 30, 2005

Georgina the rabbit was swiped midway through a magic performance of Velcro the Great in London today. Seems that Georgina was only the fourth rabbit Lynn Thomas has used in his 20+ year gig as a street & stage magician.
Transparent Screens. Some of these are very well done...
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