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September 29, 2004

Sample Size Artist Projects
Some REAL winners in here. Explore.
From Rio to Akron aboard the Graf Zeppelin, 1933: Alicia Momsen Miller recalls her childhood journey. Candid family snaps included! Her father somehow finagled the Goodyear-Zeppelin Company into footing the bill for his whole family's airship jaunt to the 1933 Chicago World's Fair. The family's governess, however, went by boat.
The Draft remains a real possibilty and it's odd we haven't heard more about it in the runup to the election. It seems like Kerry could do something with this. There are few issues tha elicit stronger emotional reactions than the Draft! more inside
How big is your ecological footprint? Answer three short screens of questions about your age, where you live and your eating and transportation habits and this site calculates the global real estate required to sustain your current lifestyle. more inside
The World's Smallest Public Cinema Nottingham (yes, that Nottingham) is the home of the Screen Room Cinema, which with 21 seats (plus 1 for the attendant) is likely the coziest public movie-watching experience you'll ever enjoy. You can tour the facility with the 360 view tool on the BBC site linked above. If you prefer live entertainment, however, why not try the Theatre of Small Convenience, a 12-seat performance space converted out of a Victorian-era gentlemen's loo. Them whacky Brits!
The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists. Big brains. Big ideas. Big hair.
To Cut or Not to Cut? That is the question, and this could be the answer you've been looking for. *Adult sizes coming soon.
The Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative. "Combining science and stewardship, we seek to ensure that the world-renowned wilderness, wildlife, native plants, and natural processes of the Yellowstone to Yukon region continue to function as an interconnected web of life, capable of supporting all of the natural and human communities that reside within it, for now and for future generations."
Bush's Hometown Paper Endorses John Kerry The comments about social security are on the mark. Why would any president want to dismantle social security at a time when it is helping pay off the deficit during a war. This is fucking insane. I smell a rat.
Break Up News The announcement site for your breakup: "Jennifer Spiehler of Bloomington, IN, a 22-year-old single mother, announces that Dustin Wilson Linton--her baby's daddy--can 'take his 9-incher and impregnate some other girl, because I don't need him anymore.'" Or there is the touching story of Melissa Palmer, 37, who "has split with her husband of fourteen years, Brentt Palmer, 40, though they continue to live together and have oral sex." Interview with one of the creators here.

September 28, 2004

Ligons and Tigons and Zorses, oh my! Ligers and Tigons and Zorses, oh my! (and leopons and wolphins and...) more inside
Darth Vader as a postmodern gargoyle? Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, a kid entered a contest for evil and put the Dark Force atop the National Cathedral.
Monkeys, flu season is coming...find your shots here and keep the sniffles at bay! YAY! (concerned Monkey)
Curious George Should I charge my cell phone nightly? more inside
"The size of a piece of snot" is how Taiwan's Minister of Foreign Affairs described Singapore, whose "effort to embrace China's 'balls'" really really pissed him off. more inside
Scientists have been WAITING for a Parkfield, CA quake. And now they've got-a-one.
Curious George: Why are there term limits? Why shouldn't an elected official who is well-liked by the people and doing a good job in his position be allowed to be elected as many times as the people decide?
Potential "All-Out War" Threatened in Nigeria Over Oil Profits (More) Western Response: "Oil? Did someone say oil?"
City Destroyed by Giant! Burn, baby, burn (shockwave game).
Curious George: Found Money I've been tasked with finding a few options for corporate gifts. If you had $300-$400 that you had to spend on something fun, what would you get for yourself? An iPod? A Tivo w/Lifetime subscription? A digital camera? What?
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