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September 26, 2004

Noctis. Ever wanted to just fly through space and see the universe without worrying about space pirates, giant alien insects that want to lay eggs in your head, or the occasional rampaging warrior race? Noctis basically puts you in the role of a space tourist with a small ship, a camera, and over 70 billion stars to visit. It also lets you share your discoveries with other drifters. Not bad for a 1.2 MB DOS game. more inside
Mellifluous George Other than your favorite movies, What is your favorite musical? (moneyjane reference within)

September 25, 2004

Uproarious George! What was the last movie you saw in a theatre where the audience applauded and cheered at the end? How is a great movie that gets applause at the end different from a great movie that doesn't? Because I've been to a lot of great movies, but only a few where the audience reacted so spontaneously and with such comraderie. I saw "Shaun of the Dead" last night, and it got a full house applauding as the credits started to roll. With this particular movie my theory is its freshness; an all-English cast essentially unknown over here, and an odd genre - the Slacker/Zombie/Boy in Doghouse with Girl/Comedy/Buddy Movie genre, to be exact. What are your The Audience Clapped at the End movies and theories?
The Republican Party is Now Implying that "Liberals" Want to "Ban" the Bible Maybe the president got confused when he said, "I'm a uniter not a divider." more inside
Epicurious George: Recipe Swap! What's the tastiest food item you have prepared in the past six months? Please feed the monkeys. more inside
"There's nothing like New York cab ride" Presenting MC Yuri [QT]
Puddytatfilter: Another @#*($*(@ I-found-a-kitty post
Unfortunatly named authors (Via b3ta, obviously)
Anti-Corporate George Hello Monkeys! I don't know if this is kosher or not to put on monkeyfilter, but have a favor to ask. Peet's Coffee is trying to put a new shop in on the real estate of what is one of the best vintage hamburger stands in Los Angeles, Irv's Burgers on Santa Monica and Sweetzer. If you live in the greater Los Angeles area and feel like writing an email of support to West Hollywood city hall, I'd appreciate it. more inside

September 24, 2004

Mandonna - The all-male, all-live tribute to the Material Girl. Anyone got some Brain Brillo?
Curious George: Why don't you vote? This question is for all Monkeys in democratic societies: Why don't you vote? more inside
Campaign Desk. The Columbia Journalism Review has a de-spin site that tackles the latest slugfests in the American Presidential Appointment. Election. Whatever. It's very good and seems to be very even-handed. I just couldn't keep it a secret any longer . . .
Robert J Lang has developed the mathematical theory of origami to new levels. Here are short accounts of his methods and pictures of the results why no monkeys?
A moral conundrum. So, on the one hand, the legislative and executive branches collaborated to overrule the judicial branch. But on the other hand, Terri Schiavo's greedy douche-bag husband wasn't able to let her starve to death so he could inherit her money. What's a moral, responsible libertarian to do? more inside
The International Space Station has less than 2 months of life unles repaired, and the US (via Bush) is apparently ready to back out of the deal... Talk about bad timing! The 100US$ Billion lab is failing to maintain oxygen levels and after the Columbia Space shuttle's accident, the way to ferry people into and out of there is, well, no more! [my fellow Americans, billions of your tax money have been spent on the ISS, but the Russians have failed us. It's time for us to move ahead and waste some more on some other non-sensical enterprise] I may be accused of being obtuse, but honestly, WTF is the point of putting a man in Mars? I understand the advantages of testing stuff in the ISS but Mars? COME ON!
Grandpa and me.
Hey, wanna buy some napalm?
Napalm.Net has bought 5,000 pounds of weapons grade Napalm and has individually packaged it in safe, attractive, displayable canisters. Each canister holds one liter of actual Napalm which you can ONLY purchase through Napalm.Net.
more inside
Sanskrit — led by random curiousity from the chai thread, I discovered this rather detailed tutorial on the language. more inside
"But cinemas were palaces. It was a place that took us out of our ordinary world, because you worked 47 hours a week. Some people worked in shops -they worked 54 hours a week. None of this 40 hours and skip off quick. And so your cinema at the end of this week was out of this world. It was a dream. You dreamed -you lived the picture. It took you out of your job." BFI is asking old folks about going to the movies between the 20s and 60s
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