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June 09, 2004

Die Duckomenta
Great works of art, as seen through the eyes of Carl Barks and Floyd Gottfredson. This makes me happy.
A history of gay bath houses. Not remotely safe for work. [via a segment I heard on NPR]
What the bagel man saw - An economist gave up his job to sell bagels to companies on the honor system and tracked all the data. "By measuring the money collected against the bagels taken, he could tell, down to the penny, just how honest his customers were. Did they steal from him? If so, what were the characteristics of a company that stole versus a company that did not? Under what circumstances did people tend to steal more, or less?" (NYT, Reg inside) more inside
One more thing for the right to get pissed at the French about
Oh Satan, move in our voice. Listen to some famous speech reversals and backwards masking in famous songs, such as Led Zep and John Lennon. Each mp3 includes the full verse then plays at least two reversals. Caution: may lead to devil worshipping and marijuana use.
Curious George: Action Movie Villains Okay, no link (....yet!), but I figured this was right up the monkeys' collective banana peel-strewn alley... A friend of mine was at a restaurant with his groovy wife and they saw someone who some folks know as the dad from That 70s Show, but the rest of us know as Clarence Boddicker. This inspired his rating muse, read on... more inside
Planet Lava, for all your discontinued Lava Lamp and inflatable furniture and glitter lamp and plasma lamp needs ("and, of course, air pumps").
Changing from gay to straight. A young DC guys claims he can change from gay to straight and is blogging his way through the process. more inside
Bollocks , bollocks, bollocks, bollocks, bollocks, bollocks, bollocks, bollocks, bollocks, bollocks. Thank you, and good night.
Taboo Tunes. Including A Gallery of the Forbidden.
Big Giant Curious George Pixels On My Wall Searching for coolest flash printing app ever. Monkeys! Somewhere in the blogosphere I saw a pixilating mural creating flash app. [MORE INSIDE] more inside
Curious George: Which blogs do you read? Have you visited any sites other than MonkeyFilter?
Trebizond. The recent, wildly successful MoFi meetup at the Met, with its trek through the Byzantine exhibit, left me with one tiny disappointment: they ignored the last remmnant of the Byzantine Empire. After the fall of Constantinople, the city of Trebizond and its empire (map) held out until 1461. The first three chapters of a detailed history are online (1, 2, 3). more inside
"What we need to do is to help in the cause of, ah, downfall of California," an employee is heard saying on the tapes. "You guys need to pull your megawatts out of California on a daily basis." More Enron tapes from CBS. Too bad the Governator wasn't there to fight the bad guys.
Why we shouldn't worry about Mexican immigration. Francis Fukuyama's take on the controversial subjects of Samuel Huntington's book, Who Are We? Via A&L Daily (ugh, what a vice of mine) I promise my next three FPP won't come from there.
Monkey College: Registration now open. All monkeys welcome to apply. Minority monkeys eg orang utans and colubus monkeys encouraged to apply. Monkey college is an affirmative action institution. Tuition is free for in state monkeys. All out of state monkeys pay 27 bananas per semester.

June 08, 2004

A Few Things To Do If You're Bored Outta Your Gourd! Just a Touch of Passive/Aggressive Behavior Makes An Otherwise Empty Day Fly Right By... more inside
Beastie Boys Exclusive live performance of the new single Ch-Check It Out. Also, and interview and links to several videos (like the brilliant Sabotage.) Also, here's a link to the song In A World Gone Mad. [media link]
October Surprise! Where you can predict what will happen before the November 2004 election. [Via Boing Boing.]
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