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June 30, 2004

"This telephone can be used to transport to other places. To be transported to another place you must life the handset and dial a number. In order to find the telephone numbers you must explore each place. . . . The number to access the first place is FIVE EIGHT ZERO."
Bathhouses. More than you ever wanted to know about this oft unspoken side of the gay scene, from more than one side. Or maybe it's just more spoken about than I ever knew.
Height unknown, weight unknown, number of legs unknown. Who is this guy?
Why Gore Lost In 2000 The Wall Street Journal comes up with their bizarro theory as to why Bush beat Gore in 2000. Potential Gore voters could not vote for the candidate because they were aborted when they were fetuses. Nevermind that Gore won the popular vote. more inside
More Bad News For Ralph Nader It seem that Nader did not get the Green Party's endorsement. Nader then insulted the Green Party by calling them "strange." He also has broke the law by having 501C4 corporations (run by Republicans) help him get on the Oregon ballot.
Triangle Morning's Which Way Adventure -- a knifty little game that defies genre. Ok, it doesn't but it is fun. [some potential scenes NSFW. Music. Honestly, don't know if it's Flash or not. I'd speculate on my suitability to own a computer therefore, but that might be off my own topic so...] more inside

June 29, 2004

Marlon Brando 'nearly destitute' according to a recent biography.
If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. That big girl's blouse, Dave Winer (appropriately named), has posted some limp-wristed tripe about how to avoid flamewars. Read it and weep for the future of a totally wimpy internet. Stolen from that bunch of wussies over at MeFi. :D
These kids today... Ben, a 10 year old boy who has been fighting leukemia used his wish from the Make-a-Wish foundation to have a game made where the protagonist battles cancer cells and collects shields to protect himself from the effects of chemotherapy. A game developer from LucasFilms heard the call, and in off-hours, created a slick, playable game, instantly familiar to kids fighting cancer everywhere.
And you thought Apple was a bad name? Sure, lots of celebreties give their kids weird names, but so do regular folk. ESPN is taping a show about kids named after the network. According to ESPN spokesman Dave Nagle "...there's no better testament than when someone names their child after your product." According to this article from Psychology Today "kids named Espn tell of parents with a more general love of sports." According to me, they are retarded. No disrespect to retarded people intended.
Curious George: Martini lounge appetizers -- I'm hosting a murder mystery party for the man's birthday with a Vegas Martini Lounge theme. The company I hired is writing all the characters, but I need to cater. Any ideas for good appetizers (bonus points if they fit in the Martini lounge theme). more inside
HATEBEAK! The world's first death metal band with a parrot as lead singer. Here's an MP3 sample of God of Empty Nest. [Via Boing Boing.]
Giant Playable Guitars! I would love to see someone try to play these with their teeth.
Improper Penmanship - How do you hold your pen? Like a human or a monkey?
Hey, love crusader.... I want to be your Space Invader! (Flash, via eBaum's World)
Clapton's Guitar Tech Speaks! Actually the URL description is more exciting than the article, but it is interesting in a Guitar Geek kind of way. Guitar Geeks Assemble!! more inside
Show and tell! I'm a volunteer with Pets-DC, a group that assists HIV/AIDS patients with free pet supplies and vet care. We just had our annual fund-raiser, the Pride of Pets Fun Dog Show. I just had to share the pics! They're hilarious! The show is a real hoot, with categories like "Best Tail Wagging," "Most Butch," "Least Obedient," stuff like that. Best in show was a weiner dog dressed up as ... a weiner! Heh. Enjoy!
Videos Abdullah at the firing range is a classic. So is the breast bash. Some of these videos are not very nice, though (you are warned: some are sickening), and one in particular should not be viewed by kitty-loving monkeys. (I'm serious: it shows the slaughtering of a kitten.)
Mmm, civet feces coffee. The coffee is said to have a rich, full-bodied, almost syrupy quality that supposedly results from fermentation in the digestive tract, blah blah blah. They say it's quite tasty if you can ignore the fact--no sense pussyfooting around here--that it's made from shit. This is definitely not a hoax. And don't worry -- it's safe! Also, there appears to be a club in Sweden dedicated to the drink. more inside
Stanhopes use a special lens to display microscopic photographs through a small peephole. They used to be inserted into small novelty/souvenir items, and some are saleable antiques. more inside
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