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June 30, 2004

Lego Pron I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet. Maybe it's so old no one has bothered, but I just found it. "i am hungry for pizza!! and also for making out!!"
How long 'til the FBI's knocking on this guy's door? Who needs heavy military gear when you can make your own flamethrower out of a little PVC tubing and some plumbing bits? more inside
That's Some Fiddle Playin' Bobby Yang plays Van Halen's Eruption on violin. Low bandwidth High bandwidth
The Maine Base Ball Club. "The team had just won the Navy baseball championship held in Key West, Florida, in December 1897, beating a team from the cruiser USS Marblehead eighteen to three. The Maine's star was a black pitcher named William Lambert (upper right), and engine stoker from Hampton, Virginia, who was described by one shipmate as 'a master of speed, curves, and control.' more inside
You only die once. It could happen at any time. When it happens to you, will you be ready? Contrary to what you might think, living wills and preparations for the end of life are not only for the elderly. Disaster can hit anyone at any age. The time to make your decisions and write your last words for the future is now -- while you still can. Click here to Subscribe Now!
Eat it, don't fling it. I really want to get into scat play but I'm afraid of getting together with someone and loosing it (puking, etc). What can I do to prepare myself? Yep, everything you need to know is right here.
It's the way to Hog Heaven... Harley-Davidson fans can take their final ride in style.
German Star Trek Parody Coming soon to a theater in Germany near you...homoerotic Star Trek! more inside
Star Fleet ( or maybe X-Bomber). more inside
Best videogame joints! Insert Credit | Crunk Games | Gamingredients | Gameforms | 1up | Game Girl Advance more inside
Religion Derail Thread - This is a continuation of the recent religion derail from the R.I.P. R.W.R. thread...
Lake Maracaibo is being endangered by duckweed. Around 12% of the lake is completely covered.
"Glamorous Gussy"
Spacecraft Cassini-Huygens will pass through Saturn's ring today and then go into orbit around the planet. At 7:11 PM US Pacific time (that's 2:01 AM GMT or 12:11 PM East Coast Australia) the spacecraft will cross the ring before swinging around the planet and crossing it again about four hours later. Hopefully it won't hit anything along the way... more inside
The Kooks Museum - This appears not to have been posted already! Amazing! Here you will find the ravings of the immortal Francis E. Dec ("Frankenstein Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment Policy!! splutter splutter!"), the proof that in reality horror author Stephen King killed John Lennon, and the story of "Rockin'" Rollen Stewart who used to be ubiquitous on US televised sporting events during the '80s, always positioned grinning wildly in front of the cameras with a rainbow fright-wig and a placard bearing biblical inscriptions, and who later got busted in a 10-hour hostage siege at the LAX Hyatt Hotel. Dig! more inside
Global dimming. The consensus is that the sun as we see it is 10% dimmer than it was in the 1950s, owing to a steady increase in atmospheric particulates. Slashdot did cover this a month ago. How about some grow lamps for those banana trees?
See Bill's Blog... Found this at the other filter...(you know, the blue one.) I'm like "naah, it can't be real"...then i'm like "no way this is real"...then i'm like WTF?!! Someone please tell me it isn't real! yeah, i know i'm gullible...
The fossil record of aquatic sloths.
Melon!! Melon Hat!! (NSFW art) Nice gallery by the way. Melon bit!! (NSFW art) Another nice gallery by the way. Melon!! Melon!! Explanation here. Melon helmet!! Melon!! (NSFAnybody) Phew!! Enough, pete_best!?
Some monkeys will be repulsed, others will laugh their asses off. Quite possibly the most juvenile -- and most hilarious -- video I've seen on the net. [NSFW]
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