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February 24, 2004

Freethepresses. more inside
Although I'm not a writer and have never read any of his novels, I really liked reading Elmore Leonard's tips on good writing. Among the more interesting kernels of wisdom: "Never use a verb other than 'said' to carry dialogue, " and "Never use an adverb to modify the verb 'said' . . . "
Principal in Spot After Flopped Plot to Plant Pot
Quiznos transformed a piece of outsider art into a nationwide ad campaign. The Spongmonkeys hit the big time, in a much-discussed series of spots for a chain of sandwich shops. Apparently the little guys are not to everybody's taste. more inside
Madame Chao's Chaorin Kombat Que es est? Be patient, good luck and turn down your speakers.
John Ashcroft's Patriot Games. This is an interesting article on Ashcroft reprinted from this month's Vanity Fair (read it before they go after the guy with a 2 x 4.) [Via Boing Boing.]
Who could this possibly offend? [via SomethingAwful]
Constitution Restoration Act of 2004 This is a bill that religious conservatives are trying to pass. Read it and weep. `Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Supreme Court shall not have jurisdiction to review, by appeal, writ of certiorari, or otherwise, any matter to the extent that relief is sought against an element of Federal, State, or local government, or against an officer of Federal, State, or local government (whether or not acting in official personal capacity), by reason of that element's or officer's acknowledgement of God as the sovereign source of law, liberty, or government.'. Who needs the Supreme Court anyway?
" I just wanted to come out and show my respect for the white race and support the cause." "The atmosphere inside Aryanfest was that of a Renaissance Fair gone over to the dark side, with "Heils" in place of "Huzzahs.""; "Shaved-headed men hugged each other like they were at a gay pride picnic." But what mental confusion would convince a coloured kid to show up with a swastika tattoo? more inside
Got Baby? Seems that Monday is "Push The Envelope" Day. Here's the Best of my Worst.
Suin' the WNBA Man sues WNBA after being denied a try-out, then insults the female players. Amazonian-style beat-down to ensue. more inside

February 23, 2004

Don't Spit, Swallow
Weapons of class instruction? Education Secretary Rod Paige calls the NEA a "terrorist organization."
The Grey Album: What do you get when you mix The Beatles' White Album with Jay-Z's the Black Album? You get the Grey Album. Downhillbattle.org has declared tomorrow to be Grey Tuesday and is coordinating an effort to get websites to post the Grey Album to protest EMI's attempts to censor this work. (The music previously discussed here.)
Down Syndrome Dolls I am from the East, and love to play with my puppy. This is but one quote for one of several dolls manufactured for kids with Down Syndrome. I'm not sure which is creepier, the dolls, or those who thought, "Hey, a Down Syndrome doll would be kind of fun!" For extra fun, check out the anatomical Teddy.
How do you express yourself when you have nothing to say? With Meaningless Messages!
Curious George: Long Haul Flight In April I'm flying to Honolulu. Trouble is, I've never been able to fall asleep on airplanes. more inside
Schwarzenegger says foreign-born citizens should be able to run for president Is it just me, or does anyone else get the Damien: Omen Triology heebee-geebees from this one?
Son of Total Information Awareness the US Congress eliminated the TIA program, but it looks like the spooks are baaaaaack. Yeah but what're ya gonna do?
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