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February 18, 2004

Boobs by Bazooka.
Nothing cries for attention like a poll on which of your presenters should go in Playboy. Of course, one of them has already had some exposure. more inside
Chocobo Robo Voice. Final Fantasy inspired flash.(FLASH) (via World of Stuart) more inside

February 17, 2004

Fred's Escape: Episode 2 (Flash) more inside
The war on drugs Success or failure? more inside
Mp3 blogs. For people like me, who are constantly on the lookout for new exciting music, mp3 blogs provide a daily fix. Run by real music geeks, blogs like Fluxblog and Said The Grammophone provide unknown yet fresh sounds, together with informative and inspiring descriptions. The songs are hosted temporarily, but long enough to spread the word of a hot track or a talented artist. As a starting point for your soulsearching, the mp3 blogs are unbeatable. Other blogs worth checking out are The Mystical Beast, Gabba/POD, Popnose, TTIKTDA and Do you feel loved?
4,450 Priests Accused of Sex Abuse According to this report, "Children accused more than 4,000 priests of sexual abuse between 1950 and 2002, according to a draft survey for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops."
I KNOW What You Did Last Summer.
Do you have a bee in your bonnet wondering what people mean when they say "Doesn't know shit from shinola?" Use the handy Phrase Finder. more inside
The Naked Trucker From the site: "The Naked Trucker Show" is a cabaret show about buddies...  two buddies that met on the open highway... when T-bone hopped up in the cab of a trucker who likes to drive around naked... and now they sing... naked... well the trucker is..." I got to see the Naked Trucker show here in Hollywood at Cafe Largo last Friday night and laughed so hard I cried. They perform at a number of comedy festivals and recently played on the Conan O'Brian show. Their comedy is at the same time, campy, touching, and densely layered. I found myself laughing at what seemed to be a straight line minutes after they told it. If they come to your area, check them out.
Cingular buys AT&T Wireless for nearly $41 billion in cash. For consumers is it the best of both worlds or a looming monopoly?
Old British TV
Bob and Doug McKenzie discuss the pros and cons of Leap Day Bob: You're tuquing my underpants. Doug: Am not.
The biggest diamond in the universe. A couple of days too late for Valentines day, though.
Death from the skies ... Kites: festive fun or deadly menace?
For the daddy who needs help. Instructions for Dads when looking after their children, by MomMum.
500! 500's up, people! Well done us!
Conway's Game of Life : The game of life uses simple rules to construct interesting patterns. It's also available for download.
Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy list. Tristrom Cooke's list still serves as an indisposable guide for any patron of the SF arts, even though updates stalled last year. If you dare, view all 4375 titles ranked. Alternate up and coming choice: the Internet Book List, which spans other genres of literature.
Tin Man Alley [...] is the center for underground, lowbrow and outsider art on the east coast. Bizarre, kitschy and seemingly omnipresent Of course, if you're still racking up therapist bills from evil ventriloquist dummies, you might skip contributing artist scott radke's collection of creepy marionette dolls.
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