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February 29, 2004

How to tie a Turban. Warning: Link contains egregiously ugly site design.
Turns out, pain is a good thing. Saw this via Metafilter. I had heard of it before, but this was more informative and very scary. more inside
The Nitpicker's Guide to Lord of the Rings. Obsessive, much? Got time to waste and want to know exactly how many deviations Peter Jackson's movie triad made from the books? Then this link's for you.
Jews for Guns, Guns for Jews A site dedicated to promoting gun ownership among Jews. The proclaimed raison d'etre is teach about the historical perils of being unarmed and Jewish. Lifetime Membership is only $500, and you don't even have to be Jewish to join. I find this page interesting not only because it goes against the fact that Jews have historically been anti-gun, but also because of the deceptively cheesy, flag-waving look of the site.
Star Wars (by which I mean Episode IV) in asciimation.
Truth, or calumny? I love reading her columns, but how do our British members react?
Try Proloxil. Proloxil works by completely replacing your naturally miserable serotonin with happy little Proloxil molecules. (flash) more inside
Meet new people more inside
Carl and Phil are Monkey Ninjas.
Hands across Taiwan.

February 28, 2004

Fifth graders' opinions on the Martha Stewart trial And for anyone who cares, Martha herself is looking forward to returning to being America's domestic diva.
Launch a Warthog. This is a little Halo game where you have grenades and launch a Warthog with them to smash floating purple alien things. Rather amusing for a Saturday afternoon. more inside
Hey Ya, Charlie Brown! (Quicktime movie) is one of the best edited bits of whimsy I've seen in a long time. Originally by Venis Productions, they got a Cease and Desist from United Media, as have some other sites hosting the clip. I think they'll be chasing this one forever, though....
Canada's Juno Awards are our answer to the Brits and Grammy's. They're also quite famous for ignoring the bleeding edge of our own rock moment. Such acts include Joy Division/New Order-esque The Stills, Cure-lovers Hot Hot Heat, U2/Coldplay-worshippers Pilate, and the enigmatic Broken Social Scene. more inside
Designer Vaginas. An "appearance gynaecology" clinic in Auckland offers a range of new treatments, including restoring hymens, vaginal rejuvenation, repairing damage from giving birth, liposuction and labial reconstruction. more inside
I normally HATE prank calls and "wacky" radio DJ's and easy potshots at racist idiots but THIS is just TOO good.
A girl, her Ducati, and her blog. "The repetitive dream I hate the most is the one where I'm on a motorcycle and I crack the throttle and nothing happens so I have to start pedalling. If that isn't some subconscious sign of emotional impotency, I'll eat my hat." more inside
Oh, the Rhodes to Ruins: Ancient Ephesus is only one of many classical relics on this site, sponsored by the Turkish government. There are also other materials, as for instance this, featuring a downloadable Guide to Ephesus. more inside
"The Vulva is something men have feared..." As a man, I not only don't fear them, but kinda think they are neato! This is a cute little clip. Innocent enough, but probably NSF.
Accidental videogame pornography. Bask in the warm glow of pornographic "accidents" in your favourite videogames. Witness a mind-blowing Kirby gang-bang, be shocked and awed by a Chrono Trigger robot servicing, or be entertained by Pikachu's frisky side. Hilarity? more inside
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