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January 07, 2004

Buy a domain! Anyone feel like shelling out $5-8 for a somewhat handier address? more inside
Wanna be an astronaut? At least you can do it on an excellent computer simulation game. psst... It's freeware! more inside
City folks realize the trials and tribulations of moving to the country.
Shatner Is Back; Millions Crave The Sweet Relief Of Death.
Are you ready to rock.... DOKAKA Style?
This could be cooler, but i'm not especially sure how. The Songs in the Key of Life cover is aces, but Smells Like Teen Spirit may never sound more nihilistic and insane than here.
Robert Foster and Hellion have lived together for 25 years. Foster is a quadriplegic and Hellion is a capuchin monkey from the Helping Hands program, which trains monkeys to assist the disabled.
So, the civet cats of Guandong, a "local delicacy" suspected of playing a role in SARS, are being culled. Did you ever find yourself wondering how they might taste?
Not really a Curious, George. I noticed this link was posted by anonymous. more inside

January 06, 2004

Reading this thread on mefi about copyright infringement on the web. We've heard of at least one other case of this recently on MoFi - Mil Millington's site was used, unattributed, by the Mail on Sunday. Now retroCRUSH has had an article quite obviously ripped off by The Daily Star. When a (presumably) large newspaper thinks they have the right to say "You can't copyright anything on the internet," what chance do we have of protecting what we say here?
Neil Bush President Bush has been trying to promote abstinence-only sex education. Apparently, his brother Neil hasn't been practicing abstinence. Brown: "And you were married to Mrs. Bush?" Bush: "Yes." Brown: "Is that where you caught the venereal diseases?" Bush: "No." Brown: "Where did you catch those?" Bush: "Diseases plural? I didn't catch..." Brown: "Well, I'm sorry. How ... how many venereal diseases do you suffer from?" Bush: "I've had one venereal disease." Brown: "Which was?" Bush: "Herpes."
The Times is now available as an e-paper to those outside the UK. more inside
Accordians Are Not Only For Creepy German Guys In Shorts. more inside
Curious, George? Buying a new laptop more inside
Satiated Procrastinating George, Curious Again I need a planner more inside
You're Kidding, right?
Sadly, no.
Farmers push through law barring animal rights activists in name of homeland security. No doubt they fear that animal rights activists (aka "domestic terrorists") will free the cows, which could lead to open rebellion.
Channel 8 put a wiener on tv. There was a chill in the air in the Dallas Cowboys locker room earlier this season after the loss in New England, as evidenced by this Dallas TV station WFAA.

January 05, 2004

History of the internet - Progress: Since its inception almost 30 years ago, the internet has been transformed from a primitive device for sharing thoughts and ideas, into a massive network where people pay to connect and read advertisements they don't want, while calling each other "asshats". more inside
5 VS 1
Spanish Web scritching. Some of it's curious...
The rich trove of artist Philip Northover's Fractal Art more inside
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