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January 16, 2004

The Art of Ray Caesar. Strange & Beautiful Nightmares, all 100% Digital...{Via Scrubbles!}

January 15, 2004

Naked MP Calendar. This is thoroughly disturbing, positively immoral and totally excellent.
Spalding Gray is Missing. The monologuist hasn't been seen since Sunday. Phone home Spalding!
"El Ni Shamelessly stolen from Mefi, these are works of genius. I wish I could come up with this kind of writing myself.
A truly (self-)loving, whacked(-off) gift for your monkey-spanking Valentine.
RefGrunt Sometimes the best cure for vocational ennui is the vocational ennui of others. (tip: ILL is "inter-library loan")
Need a new pet?
Lunar New Year makes monkey undies hot. [Via Fark.]
New Fashions Just In Time For The Spring Launch! They're slimming, stain-resistant, and oh-so-smart amongst the Asimov set.

January 14, 2004

Half a Million Volts. via memepool
http://www.monkeyfilter.com works now. I've just forwarded the domain to the juju address until it officially gets transferred to tracicle.
MeFiSoCalWenCom '04 - LA Mefi Meetup is on for this Saturday.
The 2004 Graceful Envelope contest promises to be as lovely and unique and inspired as in years past.
Bioresonant clothing seeks to exploit an astonishing new theory in bio-physics: that the information exchange in human consciousness can be directly influenced and enhanced by vibrations of Light, that we call colors. Isn't color stimulation safer for us than the water we drink?
What's in a name? Spawn creator Todd McFarlane creates a comic book character named after marginal NHL hockey player Tony Twist (okay, a goon). Twist sues and is awarded $24.5 million. McFarlane appeals and a new trial is ordered. The U.S. Supreme Court doesn't want to touch it. Should copyright protection be extended to prevent people from using your name?
Toast art and fashion.
Interesting web utility. The TouchGraph Google browser: Enter in a URL, and it generates an interactive three-dimensional "map" of that URL's "neighborhood." (via blogger blog)
I don't know what it is, but I had a hell of a time playing with it. [Flash]
Surrealist Kazimierz Dzyga: highlights of his career
Bush in 30 Seconds. The winners have been announced.
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