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November 03, 2004

The Day After. (More *sigh* inside.)
11 states approve ban on gay unions. even "progressive" blue states like oregon. "Basic human rights should not be put up for a popular vote." more inside
The Death Page. Laurence Sterne's 1760 novel Tristram Shandy broke new ground in a number of ways, notably by using a page of solid black to indicate the death of Yorick. Posted today for no particular reason. more inside
Witches Pardoned ...and their kitty cats, too. more inside
So how did that letter writing campaign affect the election turnout in Clark County, Ohio? We'll remember this monkey filter post about the Guardian's tongue in cheek attempt to make European voices heard in this presidential election. Well the final tally turned out to be 51% for Bush and 49% for Kerry. Check out the map of Ohio. Clark County is in the south western quadrant of the state; it's one of two which are colored white.
A Very Scary Solstice. Today while watching one horror, I saw another: the first Christmas commercial of the season (on November 2!) That means it's time for Cthulhu carols! Our candidate may not have done well in the campaign, but his plan for world domination is proceeding nicely, so let us sing his praises and hope to be eaten first.
Researching the_bone's AD200 election results. I found some interesting carrot facts. Purple carrots! Carrots for your hair! Carrots in art more inside
Curious George: My gas log starter doesn't. I have no idea how to use my gas log starter - Boy Scouts prepared me for the creation of roaring outdoor blazes, but this "fireplace" device has me bamboozled. Can a benevolent fire-wielding simian help me understand this fiendish thingy? more inside
I heart Wonkette. The Glenlivet and uncertainty certainly helps.
Ludicrous George...As I sit here with my face burning off from a laser facial treatment, I wonder what other craziness monkeys have had done/or done to themselves in the name of vanity or in the pursuit of love. Anybody have an exe's name tattooed on their ass? Pretended to like really bad music? Bleached their hair with Super Blondissima until it dropped off their head? I once came this close to becoming a Krishna devotee because a boyfriend already had the stylin' haircut and beads...
Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty and friends welcome you to the exciting and fantastic Hello Kitty World! Hello Kitty World will allow thousands of players to live and participate in Hello Kitty's magical and cute online world.

November 02, 2004

SAVE THE BURGER! Hola my little monos, I just wanted to keep you up on my pet project, Irv's Burgers. You might remember that I posted something here a few months ago about the possibility that Irv's, a West Hollywood institution, would be bulldozed and replaced with Peet's Coffee franchise. Well, it's getting harder and harder for them to do so. more inside
Saving Sam. "As the swatches of silver in his coarse black fur confirm, Sam the chimpanzee's youth is far behind him. At 56, he is the Sacramento Zoo's senior resident and is among the oldest chimpanzees in captivity in the country. Time has taken its toll."
The Right way to use Coca-Cola.
FrenchFilter! Koant's newest venture.
Curious George: CD-R reviews. I've spent most of the morning trying to locate a certain review site for CD-R blanks, almost identical to videohelp.com. It is/was an awesome "epinions" of the CD-R world with detailed user reviews on what CD-R products are best and where they are cheapest. I cannot find it due to the results noise in Google. Any ideas here?
Broadsides. In the centuries before there were newspapers and 24-hour news channels, the general public had to rely on street literature to find out what was going on. The most popular form of this for nearly 300 years was 'broadsides' - the tabloids of their day. Sometimes pinned up on walls in houses and ale-houses, these single sheets carried public notices, news, speeches and songs. more inside
Bin Laden: Americans are screwed and they know it... rather disturbing statements released by Al-Jazeera... Does any of this ring true to you?
Curious George: .wav cutter? I need a freeware or (low cost) shareware .wav editor - any ideas? more inside
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