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November 30, 2004

Construct your face from scratch using a Flash version of the ID kit used by police. more inside
Twenty Years Without Justice. (Quicktime) "People were urinating and defecating in their clothes. They were begging to die." 20 years ago, Union Carbide caused a massive explosion in Bhopal, India, killing over 7,000 people. Amnesty International has renewed its call for justice.
Available from Target's Drug Store Last time it was "anal massage" (MoFi, 11/20/04). Today, it's marijuana! $25.25 for an unspecified quantity. Better check this out quickly. It could be gone tomorrow. FYI, the "anal massage" link to Target is now broken. It looks like someone is in the business of hacking Target. more inside
Octoroon Jihad the greatest band you will never hear. This web site has interviews, a discography, a tour schedule and of course the band's manifesto and bios. more inside

November 29, 2004

2004 "10 Worst Toys" List W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys Causing Harm) releases this wish list, just in time for Christmas! You're better off giving your kid a bag of glass than one of these deathtraps! via cruel.com more inside
A new plan. I love George Saunders. via TMN.
Tired of aliens abducting you? Do you want so stop all telepathic communications from the aliens? All you need is a hat, some tape and the ability to use scissors!!! They really work!! Read real stories of abduction and the success of thought screen helmets Here.
Paralyzed woman walks again after stem cell therapy ??? Zee bool-sheet detector is going off in my head, though I certain HOPE this is true. more inside
This guy is angry.... Disclaimer: I have no idea what this is all about, but a friend sent me the link, and I figured the obvious thing to do was to share it with you monkeys...I apologize for any offensive content...enjoy (?)
The SeeLinder - a cylindrical three-dimensional colour television that can be viewed from any angle. From Laputan Logic
T-shirt designs! Firstly, apologies to all monkeys for taking so long to get this up. I'll post inline images to all the designs received thus far, and anyone with other designs can email them to me or post/send me a link. Once it seems that all designs are in for viewing, we'll set up voting to give everyone a fair chance. more inside
h@MLeT done in 1337 [flash]
"Do not be alarmed if monkeys get in the bath with you."
Bingo Gazingo "He looks like your grandfather; he thinks like your horny 13-year-old brother." Bingo Gazingo is a downtown New York staple for outsider music types- a frail old man who rocks the mic with scatological rhyming poetry about modern pop culture. I'm not sure if he's all that great, but he is the only musician to have a solo CD released by The Most Amazing Radio Station Ever, WFMU (motto: "Our music doesn't fall through the cracks, it is the cracks."). So I dug up some multimedia for all to share: [more inzingo]
of socks and string theory This person oughtta be a Monkey. Maybe already is? Socks seem to really enjoy it being united by their necks, don't they? It is as if their union created a model for our multidimensional universe. Hope he's not involved in foot hoodoo
Grover - the monster behind the Myth - To millions of children throughout the world in the seventies and eighties, Grover was a funny, cuddly and ultimately loveable fuzzy blue monster from Sesame Street. But what many of us didn't see behind that brave exterior was a monster cowering in the face of his own insecurities, a monster so unsure of himself he wouldn't even watch his own performances, and a monster who ultimately allowed his own weaknesses to overcome him and nearly ruin his career. Grover is bitter. more inside

November 28, 2004

Counting Words. What's the most popular word in the English langauge? A flash project.
Who's doing it most? And what in particular? Updated sex stats from Nationmaster, 'where stats come alive'
Curious George: The Kettle. Do you give? The Salvation Army has begun its annual Christmas kettle fundraising drive across the US. Some gay-rights advocates protest the organization for their refusal to grant benefits to same-sex partners. (Others, with presumably less political motivations, have more direct methods.) more inside
We all need some compensation
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