May 31, 2004

monkeys=honry Originally published in the March 1995 issue of Scientific American, this summary of the sexual behavior of bonobo monkeys talks about common lesbian traits, massive sexual appitite, and a close link to humans. What?
  • Douebl pots.
  • oh crap. call the police.
  • You're just continuing a rich MoFi bonobo tradition.
  • "A young female approached a male, who was eating sugarcane. They copulated in short order, whereupon she took one of the two canes held by him and left." Wow, it really is the "oldest profession"!
  • There was some mention in a doc I recently saw, about a specific female penguins behaviour; they need rocks for their eggs' nests, so they approach a male with an ample supply of those, copulate, then she takes some rocks with her. It's not animals that act like humans, but we that keep acting like them. Just pet a friendly cat's back, and watch her squirm, relishing on contact; I doubt they mimicked that reaction from us... Not that I'm prone to go around petting felines, but you get the idea.
  • if you'ver got the key then i've got the door let's do what we did when we did it before if you've got the time then i've got the way let's do what we did when we did it all day you get the glass i've got the wine we'll do what we did when we did it overtime... -- Nikki Giovanni, from "That Day"