February 08, 2004

The Horniest Apes on Earth
via Game Girl Advance
  • The power behind this astonishingly peaceful ... paradise lies in bonobo social organization. Unlike common chimps and the other great apes, bonobo society is not male dominated. Does that explain MonkeyFilter, too?
  • Hoka-hoka bears a great resemblance to the Hokey Pokey. That's what it's all about.
  • My ancient civ class once watched a National Geographic film on different breeds and tribes, which had a segment on Bonobos. One of my more memorable classes this year.
  • i am much in favor of these bonobos. heh.
  • Peaceful, my arse. Anyone who's watched bonobo at play would have noticed that play includes pulling other animals to pieces for fun.
  • Bonobo female solidarity helps to keep the males in line; if a male is so arrogant as to attack a female, her "sisters" will all jump on him. They should just throw rocks at him.
  • This presents bonobos (and penguins) in a somewhat different light.