April 08, 2004

Bonobo Sex and Society. The species is best characterized as female-centered and egalitarian and as one that substitutes sex for aggression. This is an article from a 1995 Scientific American. Learn from the mighty bonobo!
  • As discussed here.
  • BononoFilter? Nah! There's always time for bonono sex. At least, they always have time for it.
  • I ran across a few of those, but I felt this might be worth posting since the author was making some correlations between human sexual characteristics and that of bonobos. Apparently it was a bad idea. My bad.
  • Unbad. ++good morebonobos=bettermonkeyfilter
  • MoFi has been leaning towards the bonobostic for a while now, but I kind of like it.
  • A friend of mine told me about a joke he and his primatologist girlfriend used to tel each other, it went kinda like this: -How do bonobo's apologize? -I don't know, how? -(oral sex ensues) That's one funny monkey.
  • Yes, I know they're apes, but "that's one funny ape" sounds...funny.
  • You know what? There are plenty of people I'd rather not fuck-and-make-up-with, thanks all the same.
  • I think if you are REALLY good in this life, God lets you come back as a bonobo. *prays really hard*