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metafilter and icanhaz. SHAMELESS SELF LINK

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Here's the clip of Tina at the Just For Laughs comedy festival mentioned in the piece.

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Main link borked, sadly

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My pal Schabe has a long list of bad bandnames which make me laugh. Hi monkeys!

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So how'd you do? I fucked it up.

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Rachel's case was just covered on a local tv news segment in NY. Also, transcripts of Rachel's testimony are now online; although they don't include the judge's closing statements (supposedly where all the really inflammatory stuff is) there's a great exchange from the judge on page 42 where he demands to know exactly what is "funny" about the pictures the plaintiff entered as exhibits. The news story says that Judge Punch recused himself last week, though there's no indication as to why.

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Not to be a continual shill or nothin', but the Book of the Subgenius is pretty much a manual on this subject. It is work to get through, being deliberately annoying/obfuscatory at times to weed out the idiots (at least in theory).

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Sent you an email, Itchy.

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Sorry for two posts in less than twenty four hours, but I liked the guy.

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Okay, I signed up. Am I supposed to receive an email with instructions? I dun get it.

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ebay: thot of it, but a) she's not currently a member b) she wants to recoup her entire investment and c) one needs a high feedback to sell, no? askmefi: I have so far refused to pony up the five bucks to join mefi. I haven't seen good reason to. Craigslist: That is a good idea. Perhaps after this weekend, when the four schools are known, I'll try posting in the specific cities the schools are from. Thanks folks. More ideas are certainly welcome.

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Who is Harrison?

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I'd like to say that I chose this nick not only because it's a palindrome, but because it requires the mouth to move in a singular way. Try it.

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l,ll: It's like Burning Man, as brought to you by Wal-Mart. My pal Katsuit had a good response to that. Burning Man is kinda like X-Day, but brought to you by Alienware... located in the hot sandy desert and way overpriced.

You mean two, right?

tennenho: Pretty much. Except we're lots more fun, and a hell of a lot cheaper. Plus, Dobbs TELLS you he's lying to you right up front.

Here is a bit more detail. As I understand it (and you can check her blog for the full story) the custody arrangement had seemingly been worked out already, but the birth father suddenly switched gears over xmas, going to a judge in NY while the kid was visiting him (the Bevilacquas live in GA) and got temporary custody before Rachel ever knew what had occurred. The earlier separation agreement had specified that the boy never be exposed to Dobbs' teachings, which AFAIK were being fully complied with. As for whether she's a fit parent to her son, I haven't met the kid personally, but I know many who say they have and that Rachel and Steve are superb parents. All appearances to the contrary, they are pretty levelheaded people.

Unbright? Explain please.

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You're absolutely right, Queso, this is a big deal. Bully for BB.

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I once had a copy of a video put out by the folks who design Earthships, hosted by Dennis Weaver. He couldn't stop talking about his 9,000 square foot luxury home -- he must've used that phrase about a dozen times in reference to his Earthship, a structure made of tires, rammed earth and aluminum cans. To me he always came across very robotic, a Mi-Go nonentity...

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